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  1. mk2 ford transit

    ok, ive figured out this 2.0 ltr pinto engine does have a 32/36 DGAV carb fitted, Ive done a compression test just out of curiosity and got the following:- No 1: 75 psi No 2: 57 psi No 3: 45 psi No 4: 45 psi did the test 3 times just to comfirm and always the same. i suspect there is a problem possibly headgasket between 3 & 4 cylinder, but the results seem very low generally, i was expecting maybe 140 to 160 psi? low compression engine maybe? can anyone tell me how i can figure out if this is a low compression engine before i go any further? cheers for now.
  2. mk2 ford transit

    Hi guys, need a little help if theres any old school boys here, just picked up a 1985 mk2 transit horsebox with a 2 ltr pinto engine under the bonnet but its running lumpy, susspect carb problem, can anyone recommend a decent but cheap carb I can put on. Any ideas would be appreciated, not looking to run it down santa pod in under 10, just a smooth drive would be great, with a little bit more power thats all. Cheers, Jason.
  3. burning oil

    Second hand engine in and running sweet, bit tapperty for about first 5 mins but settled down with new oil and filter (5w30). B)
  4. burning oil

    Going to put a second hand engine in on saturday form a ford breakers, £100, can live with that
  5. burning oil

    Ok, Done a compression test and all 4 cylinders look good- 175 psi accross the board. Got some holts piston sealer anyway and followed instructions- still got heavy blue smoke (bad). I would guess that if the piston rings had gone i would get poor/low compression on that cylinder? So kinda stuck for where to go next with it, susspect i'll have to take the head back off and inspect with a fine tooth comb this time although I don't expect to find anything Anyone any ideas lol
  6. burning oil

    took off the oil filler cap and placed a piece of paper over the neck on idle would not stay on, took out pcv pipe and small valve and checked them ok, still smokes like a good'en, lol guess this beauty has had its day, shame as its got great body work excellent interior and i've just put on, new cat/front road springs/rear wheel bearing,lower arms/new tyres/rear wheel arches and cills, gutted its got to go to scrap after all that as it just aint worth another engine.
  7. burning oil

    Thanks mate will give that a go and let you know what the outcome is. Thanks for the reply. Jake
  8. burning oil

    Any help would be great. Hi guys, My 1997 (r-plate) escort 1.6 16v si started smoking blue during its emissions test, really bad @ approx 2500 rpm. , removed plugs and found no:- 3 cylinder full of oil, removed head and replaced all the valve stem seals on a whim hoping it wasn't rings lol decoked the head, re-lapped in the old valves and fitted new head gasket and retested. Still burning oil on n0:- 3 cylinder much to my dissapointment <_< . I've been told I can't fit new rings as the bottom end cant be stripped down due to the nature of these engines when they are put together from new?? It's not worth a new engine obviously, just hoping someone has had the same issue or has any ideas? cheers for now.
  9. Hi I'm new to this but hope someone can help? I have a 1998 escort SI 1.6 zetec with eratic tickover when cold, on initial start up the revs go upto around 1500 rpm which is ok initially but once you start driving it starts to hessitate and feels like it wants to cut out, after 5 to 10 minutes it appears to run fine. I have changed oil to 5 w 30 due to the known concern with 'sticky valves' slight improvement but still there, new plugs and leads fitted after finding the 'black lines' down the ivory part of no;3 spark plug. I have some suspisions for either EGR valve or ISCV but don't know how to confirm, Hope someone can help. Many thanks.