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  1. Modern version. Only passed DAS in august so got a z650 to begin with...will probs end up with the z900 or z1000 in a few years.
  2. I think its all subjective tbh. For example i had a 1.8tdci mk2 focus. Followed by a 1.6tdci mk3 and now the 1.0 ecoboost st line mk4...essentially i find it really quiet and smooth but again thats probably me going from diesel to petrol...tell you what tho took it down a curvey country lane covered in mud...put it in sport mode and turned TC off...the car came to to the other end with a grin on my face like the cheshire cat...just like when i take my z650 out.
  3. Ill get some pics/videos uploaded tomorrow. In terms of phone moving i did a journey from gateshead to darlington using a mixture of roads such as dual carriageways, motorway and even rallied it around a country road and the phone hardly slid around on the rubber mat. Ive got a samsung s9 with the samsung fabric case.
  4. Just to let people know it is possible to install the ACV Qi Charger into the MK4. Basic steps are: 1. Pull gear gator up (its clipped) 2. Remove gear gator surround (the one with buttons on) 3. Pull trim on passenger side out (again clipped in) 4. Drivers side. Remove small circle trim to access 6mm bolt. Remove and pull trim. Now there is also 2x torx screws (1 each side) and the tray with usb and aux port should lift up...bearing in mind wires. 5. Unclip all wires and on the bottom of the phone tray is plastic honey combing...use a craft knife to remove. 6. Stick on wireless charger and connect harness up. 7. Put it all back together and enjoy cable free...unless u use android auto or apple carplay.
  5. Will probs need a full diagnostic of live data to see whats a miss. Is it showing the same DTC on dash as previous?
  6. Do they not go off when you turn on the ignition?
  7. johnH


    Replace cabin filter and use air con cleaner. As for diesel smell check your injector leak off pipes. I had this in my mk2 and a seal had broke on a leak back pipe and i was getting strong smells of diesel in cabin and on a cold night you will see smoke coming from front. Easy to replace...hardest bit is priming fuel system again.
  8. If you look in manual and find a fuse position that is not used but still has a fuse in it that should give you a perm live connection. Failing that use the fuse for auxillary power points as that normally only turns off when car is off and locked.
  9. Thanks Guy/Andy. I had no idea and nothing was written in owners manual...unless i missed it. 👍
  10. I know you said you've checked all fuses but have you also checked the one on the rear of the Headunit? I know some have one there as a secondary protection.
  11. Yeah its very awkward and compact space to work in and only a few of them seem able to hold a piggy back on them. You may also know the answer to my next question...on the digital screen theres an option for digital speedo, whats the circle that surrounds this and why does it keep changing thickness? Ive read the owners manual and there is nothing about it.
  12. Might be some debris/insect remains on the sensor within front grille of car giving false positives.
  13. Well in my inability to leave things answer my own question. Fuse 3 in passenger compartment (10amp for parking aids) is a switched live feed. On another note you will need a micro2 fuse tap to connect into this.
  14. Hi folks, Long time no speak. Just abit of an update. Basically Lookers in Gateshead rang me up and wanted to buy my mk3 off me and give me a mk4 ST Line. So now im a proud owner of one. Anyways im trying to hardwire a dash cam into the car but it appears the fuses i try are perm live. Does anyone have advice on which one i should use for switched live. (So camera shuts down when car is off). So far ive tried fuse 7, fuse 14, fuse 10 and its now in fuse 24. (Fuse diagram will be attached).