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  1. Looks like a roast potato from an xmas/sunday dinner. When you chucked it down possibly rats in the area nicked it back for scran. I have a few near me but soon as i spot them they get a taste of lead at high velocity. They do like the taste of the plastic insulation on wires...its class when i see them "pop" when they chew threw railway wires. So if you start getting the money light on your car you know some wires have been chewed. Best get some poisons/traps down.
  2. Original post is from 2015. Can you please create own thread with full details.
  3. johnH

    Need help

    No obvious signs of leaks? Like oil pooling under car when sat overnight. Is there any blue smoke coming from the exhaust especially on a cold start or booting it from the line?
  4. If you take an old one out it should have a part number stamped on it. But failing that try eurocarparts or NGK website.
  5. Could also be a warped disk. I beleive only 1 side has a piston to push the pad which in turn pulls the caliper to pull other pad onto the disk...when brake is released this pad sits a few mils off the if piston hasnt fully retracted then pad maybe touching and with speed and time will heat and seize on...with a warped disk this will make contact on every revolution of the wheel and could cause said clicking noise. Take it for a drive then put hand near to see of there is any heat (excessive amounts will be binding brake and piston related)
  6. Had it happen to my 63 plate focus...passenger side front iirc...just bought some sealant for a couple of quid and glued it back on...took all off 30 secs. Lasted for about 3.5 years before i part ex'd it for my mk4
  7. I essentially took the lid off and found the 2 wires you speak off...disconnected 1 and pulled it out...quite simple to do actually...but no fuses underneath. It appeared to me that the fuses etc are inside the connector. Give it ago maybe waiting some time as they are still new cars and people wont fiddle with them
  8. Might just need a total power off and back on. Disconnect car battery, leave for 30 secs and reconnect. But if there is an update, its always best to install them.
  9. Here is a quick install guide, with pics. It is in PDF format so you will need adobe reader to view. FordFocusQiInstall.pdf
  10. Correct in terms of it being an option, all depends on what the person buying it new requested and what trim. For safety only rear facing seats need to have it turned off. However for the best safety its best to put any child seat on the rear seats.
  11. If you look at the wipers there maybe a curve in the metal, like a spoiler effect. This is essentially wind deflection. The bottom off curve (wiper end) goes towards bottom of windscreen...hope that makes some sense.
  12. Front passenger airbag can be if you have the key slot...normally located either on the side of the glovebox (passenger door open) or in the glovebox itself.
  13. Can you get a picture up of what your dash currently shows?
  14. johnH

    Wet car

    Is the carpet in the drivers footwell (near pedals) also wet...if so this typically points to a windscreen seal. If its dry, try following the wet, if it get more wet as you move towards the rear then you have your answer 👍
  15. Just got into mine and there is no point. Its essentially all the fuses are built into the idea how that will work if you need to change one.