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  1. Charge Warning Light

    More than likely an electrical issue with the smart charge cable.
  2. The mk3 can turn either on individually. However i rarely get the chance to use them...i must have a magic windscreen as i normally dont see fog but others seem to :/
  3. Jumped my mates nissan almera the other day from my focus. Just made sure the neg leads were connected to the correct place and everything worked fine on both mine and his...must have been lucky by looks of it.
  4. Replacement Keys

    Cost me only £120 from arnold clark to get a new flip key and coded to the car iirc.
  5. U0073

    I was just messing with a ford transit 2011 earlier and it had this code logged. I cleared it with IDS and asked the owner to keep an eye open. He did say when he first got the van he did have some trouble with a rear light cluster not earthing right so it might have been a historical issue.
  6. Egr Cleaning

    Ive used wynns on my old 2006 1.8tdci in the past with no issues...however use only very short blasts. Any long blasts will stall the engine.
  7. Diagonostic Tool

    You can get real time data using IDS but yes VCM or VCM II will work as it is the same software and tool the dealers use. I have a VCM and that worked on my 2006 1.8tdci focus and my 2013 1.6tdci focus. Edit:- i do diagnostics and activation for the NE (based in gateshead) but its just getting the time etc as im still in training at work and hours are abit hectic.
  8. Tyre Recommendations

    Ive had kumhos in past and got to say they get a thumbs up from me...never had an issue and if used properly (not booting around) the wear is good and can last a long time. Unfortunately i did find them to be a little loud in regards to road noise. After i got a nail in one i decided to go for bridgestone...was the same price on offer.
  9. Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    Thats an error noise on windows...no doubt the system is running of Windows CE. Only way to find out the error is to get past the GUI and onto the main system...think this will be a dealer only fix
  10. No Gps Signal

    You havent got a dash cam by any chance?? Some i know cause interference to radio and gps signals
  11. Electrical Issues Focus Mk2 2007 1.8

    Have you checked the fuse box under the glove comp and made sure all connectors are secure?
  12. Mk3 Focus 2011 1.6Tdci - Pcm Update

    If you have a service plan i would play on the issue that the fuel filter wasnt replaced as per the service schedule...if they say well its too early i would then play on its too early to fail. As for the pcm update i would say they are clutching at straws and you will only need a replacement filter...if that definitly is the fault.
  13. Abs Light Flashing

    Does this new set have airbags in the seats? If not, you may need to put a resister at the connector to fool the system into think all is good
  14. Smart Charge Alternator Issue

    Back on my 1.8tdci 2006 the wire had snapped near the ecu. Cost around £120 iirc from dealer to fix...i didnt have the tools to take body panel off to get to it....and i didnt trust myself lol
  15. Fuel Rail

    Cost me about £30 if i remember correctly...was some time ago. I think the return is same as leak back...mind it is still too early for me hahaha