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  1. Top pipe to rad would not be getting hot I thought! Could it just be a iffy sender unit for the gauge?
  2. No leaks at all. I will put antifreeze in over the weekend. Will this make any differance? Cheers
  3. Hi, Water levels are fine! After flushing the system and refilling with water it still runs hot.... maybe not quite as hot but on the edge of the red. Does antifreeze make any differance? I am currently just running on water as I do not want to keep wasting it if it is major!
  4. Hi, I have a 1998 R reg Fiesta Zetec 1.25 L. Car starts fine.........runs fine and has never let me down. Just recently though, the temperature gauge has been showing high temperature. Just into the red, along with this the fan seems to be almost continuously on and has little effect on the temperatrure reading. The gauge is in the red after about a 5-10 mile run. If I put the heater on I get nice warm air, if I then put the heater fan onto say setting 3 or 4 then the temperature gauge drops a fair bit down to about normal. Turn the heating off and the air returns to cold and the gauge rises. I flushed the whole coolant system last night just in case it was a blockage. A little orange in colour and a little bit of sludge but nothing much. Ran hosepipe through as many hoses etc. and after a short time everything was running clear and clean. After a short run I can touch the hose from the top of the rad that comes from the main cylinder head. I t is hot but not enough to burn. The hose out the bottom of the rad is very cool. This goes to the water pump. From the pump also comes the car heating hose, the one that goes up to the solonoid valve for the matrix. This is also hot. How can I tell if the gauge is misreading or if I am actually overheating? I hope that all made sense Cheers