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  1. If i took it to my local ford dealership where i bought it from. Do you think it would be expensive for them to locate the problem and fix it? No ideal this time of the year to drive back when i can't see the speedo if the dial lights decided to have the day off.
  2. My light cluster has the dimming control yes. Up and Down. It has always been on the brightest setting. During the day when headlights are off the dials are lit up. During the nights when the headlights are on the dials are lit up too but slightly dimmer as to not to daze the driver even if it is set on max. From the pics on original post, you can see that my headlights are on and I had to drive home at night with no illuminated dials but then the next day in daylight they eventually work again. But I can control the dimming control when headlights are on and off. But like I says, dimming has always been on brightest setting.
  3. Hi, I checked my setting and yours is different to mine interms of my trip computer but I managed to find the Auto Dim feature on the central dashboard screen. Auto Dim is turned ON =S I forgot to mention that NO setting have been altered since I bought the car back in 2015. This problem has only started to randomly occur from time to time. At the time of posting this reply, the dial lights are on at the moment but only came back on when I got to work earlier today. I'll post pics. Last pic is from this morning.
  4. It was still off this morning going to work then it popped back on as I pulled into work...
  5. Hello, I have a Ford Focus Titanium X EcoBoost 2015 Model. The other week I noticed that my dashboard dial back light is playing up. Some days it's ON and some OFF and I'm beginning to think there is a problem. Now in the past it would randomly just pop on or if I restarted the car later in the day give or take a few hours in between. But today 13/10/17 I drove home in the dark with no back light on so I'm looking for some advice or fix. Could it be a fuse? The problem about the issue is that tomorrow it will probably work again then a few days later it won't. Confused... and the warranty has just expired... I have added 2 pics. 1 in the day time showing the dials lit up as they should be off 1 week ago. The 2nd pick is from driving home in the dark today with headlights on but the dials aren't lit even though they were working the day before. Thanks.
  6. I'm going to give it a reset for a week and see how it fairs. As now the engine has been run-in since I bought it with 12miles on the clock.
  7. Hello I have a Ford Focus Titanium X 2015 1.0 Ecoboost, 6 Speed etc. My Trip is reading that I am averaging over 80MPG but I'm only getting around 400miles out of a full tank. It also keeps creeping up every so many days when I start the engine up. This can't be normal as my car is a one of a kind that can break the laboratory perfect conditions average MPG they put on paper. I need help on what to do. Contact my dealership to see if it's faulty or will a reset fix it? Here's a pic.
  8. Help choosing Wind Deflectors

    I'm going for the ClimAir ones. Just not now considering the price and that other things have fallen onto me. But will be getting them. Thanks again.
  9. Help choosing Wind Deflectors

    What is your reason for getting rid of them?
  10. Help choosing Wind Deflectors

    So far ClimAir seems to be the one's to go for. About £80 for the set off the Ford website.
  11. Hey I have a Ford Focus Titanium X 5dr 2015 I'm looking for a set of Front and Rear Wind Deflectors and need advise on choosing either ClimAir or Team Heko. I know there is a major price difference, being Heko are considerably more cheaper than ClimAir but I have read that both brands have their own problems rarely. ClimAir, just slots into place which sounds easy enough but I have read that they can scratch the tops of windows. Heko uses adhesive strips and clips. Some people are saying that you do not need the clips and some are saying that the window gets blocked by the plastic. I'd just like some opinions before I buy whichever set^^ Also could someone link me a legit Team Heko Front and Rear set for my car? Dark Tinted preferred. I don't want to buy the wrong or non genuine parts. Thanks
  12. So I shouldn't need to worry? I don't have time this week to get car in for an inspection.
  13. So should I call the dealership I got the car from to have it looked at?
  14. Brilliant guys. Thank you for the replies they have eased my mind.