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  1. imods

  2. I have a 1.8 tdci 2002 and currently it needs a new exhaust system, instead of replacing it with an original part i was looking to get an performance or straight through system but can't find any. Can some one please help me. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Focus Mk1 Front Fog Light Lenses Cracked ?

    I have the same problem . You have to remove the whole unit because the lenses are bonded to them there easy to remove though you can do it while your cars on the ground I'll post a guide to it . Ilanbutler
  4. Focus Dab Radio....

    That's a good idea does it get good reception. ilanbutler
  5. Photoshopped Fiesta

  6. Something Snapped Behind Clutch Pedal

    on the mk1 its an hydraulic system. my clutch played up once and after close inspection it was a slave cylinder that services the clutch that was going so i had to get a new one it was a gearbox off job and cost me £260.00 fitted .
  7. Tick Over Problem

    im glad you've found the problem when mine went it was really frustrating, oh well the joy of having a focus lol..
  8. Newbie Bought A Lemon??

    take it back .
  9. Electric Windows Not Working

    Hi i have had a similar problem mine was down to a controller unit behind the fuse box located at the back of the glove box. But the quickest way to get to it is to remove the carpet underneath the glovebox and stick your hand up there. It sticks out from it and is clipped in on mine it was lose though so i just pushed it in otherwise get a new one or second hand from the scrapper. Failing this its probably the relay/fuse or window motor but its unlikley to be the motor if its more than one window. Good Luck ilanbutler
  10. this is an smax in midnight sky from the ford website
  11. Key

    they have got a chip in which demobilises the car when you put it in the ignition so the new key has to have the chip that was in the old one , i have also found this on the forum for linking fobs Get all keys with remote control Fasten seat belts and close all doors. (Avoids any other warning beeps) Turn ignition switch from position 1 to position 2 four times within six seconds Turn ignition switch to position 1 The programming mode is now activated for 10seconds Press and hold any button on your key and wait for the beep. Your key should now be programmed. Repeat for every key you have. Maximum of four. To exit the programming more turn ignition to position 3 or wait 10 seconds. hope this helps
  12. have they blown ???
  13. FOC Age group Poll!

    22 years old and loving my focus