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  1. Coilovers

    Hi there, No problem for the quote; Our coilover kit, RSX938 fits the 02-> Fiestas (1.25, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 &TDCi) with the JH1 and JD1 Chassis codes. This kit is normally £749.99 inc VAT, but with out current offer, you can slash £100 off that! We also have a separate kit for the ST (RSX939) and this has come down from £799.99, to £699.99 inc VAT. All our coilovers use a powder coated damper body, with a stainless steel thread. This means that harsh UK winters are no problem and the coilovers remain functional, rather than seized. The dampers are also externally adjustable so that you can stiffen the car up (without removing the dampers) when you fancy, and have a civil daily driver for the rest of the time. The "non ST" kit above is tested to give 35-65mm of lowering, and the ST version gives 20-50mm of lowering. These dampers are built and tested on UK roads so you can be assured that while they perform on track, they are still "use-able" every day. You can see more information on both of the kits by following this link We can also offer Fixed height and adjustable damping for £424.99 from our PSX range. Let me know if you want more info on those
  2. Coilovers

    Looking lovely!
  3. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Upgrades

    Hi there, Good choice on looking at the suspension first! The more speed you can carry through a bend, the lass you need to make up on the other side, plus I haven't seen a car that didn't look better after lowering (to a point). I suggest having a think about what you are going to use the car for. Ultimately coilovers tend to be more geared towards performance, and therefore sacrifice a little comfort. The 'Bargain Basement' coilovers that you see on Ebay are getting more and more bad reviews these days, so it is definitely worth spending a little more on your suspension, rather than having to change it all again before its been on long. Another thing to look for is that most kits are designed and tested on real roads, rather than immaculate tarmac, after all that is where you will be using the car 99% of the time. After all that, click on the link in my signature to see a company that does all of the above. Plus we are giving £100 off the RRP on all our coilover kits, either direct, or through your favourite local distributor. If you have any questions then fire away!
  4. Alloy Spacers

    Another great way to get your wheels looking their best is to lower the car so that the wheels fill the arches more. The combination of small tyres, big wheels and arch gap isn't always the most attractive. If you are looking at substantially larger/wider wheels then it is worth looking at adjustable dampers so that you can minimise tyre to arch contact. The added bonus is that you can set the car up however you like, from stiff to hard.
  5. To Eibach Or Not To Eibach?

    Hi Pavr I would take a little dime reading about dampers and their effect of suspension as if you are looking for increased performance dampers are almost a requirement. We do offer adjustable dampers for the focus, however if you are starting with a standard car, I would recommend looking at our PSX kits which include the adjustable dampers as well as the springs. By using adjustable dampers you can 'turn them up' for when your having fun, then a quick adjustment and its nice and soft for going shopping etc. Quite often I will soften the car up before a long trip, then stiffen it back up for day to day driving. Hope this helps.
  6. Mk7 Or Mk8

    Sorry for dragging up a bit of an old thread. The best way to make sure you get the right coilovers, is to use the registration rate to double check. Some manufacturers also have the chassis codes listed against the kits, this would be the ideal way to triple check :) [EDIT] p.s. see my Signature if you havn't already taken the plunge :) [/EDIT]
  7. Mk3 Mondeo Lowering Problems

    it sounds like someone has told you it could be on the bumpstops. Its simple to check, simply bounce the rear of the car, even with stiff springs you should get some movement, if it feels reasonable solid, then you might need to look at the bumpstops. If you are put off from the springs now, take a look at our coilovers, they have £100 off at the moment!
  8. Eibach Springs

    Hi there, A lot of coilovers have adjustment for height AND damping, so you can set them stiffer, or softer depending on your mood. On our dampers this is done with a simple knob in literally seconds. If you're concerned that the height adjustment may be too involved for you, there are adjustable spring and damper combos that have damping adjustment on them. If you would like some more info, please PM me and Ill check the catalogue for you.
  9. Did you know that at 50 Mph (80Km/h), worn dampers will increase stopping distances by the length of a car (5m!) Are yours up to the job???

  10. New Coilover Kit For The Mk7 From Spax

    Hi everyone. Thanks for posting up the specifics iNath. The retail price is indeed £799.99 inc VAT, with the current offer these are now £699.99 including VAT. UK Delivery is £12.99. The Warranty is 2 months from the date of purchase, and we only require a copy of the original purchase receipt (no fitting receipt required), however we do recommend professional fitting it you are at all unsure of what's involved. I spotted a post on the Suzuki Swift forum from someone using another of our new kits, I thought this quote may interest you:
  11. Hi!

    How much it will cost to Fiesta MK7 (2010) 1.4 TDCi?


    Ps.: your webpage and catalog in your signature not work...

  12. New Coilover Kit For The Mk7 From Spax

    We can ship all over the world, however we also have distributors. Which country are you in?
  13. Hi Everyone, We dont post on here very often, but I figured that this new release was worthy of a mention. Click here for the Press release These kits come with a 2 year warranty and are built to the highest TÜV standards in our UK Factory. The Height adjustment uses Stainless steel threads, and the bodies are powder coated, giving a highly durable kit that easily withstands UK winters and salty roads. The Dampers are gas pressurised with a gas called Krypton. This inert gas improves the low speed ride while maintaining the high speed performance. The dampers are externally adjustable while still fitted to the car so you can set the car up exactly how you like in a matter of seconds with no tools! These kits are available through your local distributor for fast despatch. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  14. Mk7 Fiesta Suspension

    The cars can take more lowering than 35mm, however it can accelerate wear on some items. We offer a coilover kit fr the Mk7 fiesta that will give 50mm on the Sport version with no problems (RSX115) If your looking for just springs, these come in either 30 or 45mm lowering (based on the non sports version, so approx 15-30 on a sport)
  15. Anyone On Coilovers Yet?

    Hi all, I just came across this thread from a year ago. How has everyone got on with lowering their cars? Has anyone got any pics?