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  1. Good evening All, I need your help, I bought a secondhand Focus at the weekend and I've noticed something only after taking it for a test drive. When I drive, no matter how fast I'm going the rev counter doesn't go above 2000/2500 rpm. To make sure the rev counter needle does work while in neutral I press on the accelerator and it shoots upwards. I'm taking the car to a local mechanic during the week, he suspects it could be the throttle body but without looking at the car he can't be definite. The gearbox doesn't feel as smooth as a new car, the car's only done 50k miles and its a 2003 Zetec 1.6 Ghia, could the gearbox have anything to do with the rev counter? I hope I am not needing to replace the gearbox. I am now realising why I've always prefered to buy cars from Ford dealers but on this occasion finances are tight especially with the imminent arrival of a baby, aaaaaargh! Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. I've got KW Inox S coilovers, I've had them on for 5 months and (touch wood) they're fantastic! The ride isn't that hard, feels pleasantly smooth. The kit cost me just over £900. This is what the height looks like:
  3. Ladies & Gents I've been lucky enough to have my car featured in Performance Ford, have a read! P.S. the car is now for sale if you know of any potential buyers please forward them my contact details (m: 07956987650) The car is advertised for £10700 but I'm open to sensible offers. Thank you Kabir
  4. kabz77

    It's finally evolved! FOR SALE

    My Fiesta mk7 1.6 Titanium Leather retrim, Miltek exhaust upgrade, J1 induction, Cusco strut brace, Alpine audio upgrade, KW coilovers, Hi Spec front and rear brake upgrade, 17" alloys, Zetec S dress up kit, AMD Essex remap 148BHP
  5. Ben - I am sad to see it go but whoever buys it will be getting a bargain baring in mind the money that I've spent on this. Bingoooo - the Alpine unit comes with a SatNav, bluetooth, iPod connection as well as DVD. The unit costs £900 retail, the complete audio upgrade on my car came to just over £2k'ish
  6. Good Afternoon Gents I've been told aftermarket HID kits are illegal - you need to have self wipe and self levelling headlights, but fortunately in my area the Police are too buys chasing drug dealers and muggers to be bothered about a Fez with the wrong type of lights. Regarding the head unit, this doesn't get in the way of the small screen thats housed on top of the dash. Thank you
  7. Good Afternoon All WHy is it you spend sooo much money on modifying a car and then months later you need to sell? My wife and I are gonna have our first baby and I need to get a baby friendly 4dr car, sadly the 2dr Fez isn't practical. I sooo wish I kept the car factory standard - a lot easier to sell. Any way, if theres anyone that would be interested in buying my car (see pics on my gallery) or know of anyone please forward them my contact details: e: kabz77@gmail.com http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3085991.htm
  8. My Fez bleeps! Its part of the aftermarket canbus assisted alarm that I had fitted. :P :P :P
  9. When I owed my previous mk4 I wanted to fit a Focus 2.0L engine but was told the drive shafts and mounts will need to be changed where as the Puma 1.7L is a lot simpler to fit.
  10. Gents - I'm gonna ask PF if they could be kind enough to email me a few pics of the photoshoot, in the mean time I've been uploading pics of all the mods to the following thread, feel free to have a look: http://www.fiestamk7.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=29 you can also view images of my car on my gallery. Tato - I will scan the feature and post it onto my gallery. Thank you
  11. It is the MS Design kit. Just so you know MS Design are the next best thing after dealer kits, MS DEsign usually use the proper polyurethane plastic and not the poor quality fibreglas stuff that you usually get. MS Design are based in France I think, you might wanna email them to try and source you a set, good luck
  12. Good Afternoon All I mentioned in a topic a couple of months ago that my car will be featured in Performance Ford, just to let you know the magazine will be coming out next week, please get yourself a copy or pop into your local WHSmith and have a free read while standing at the magazine racks (thats what I usually do) Thank you
  13. I recommend Puma Build who are based in Birmingham, speak to Alan (owner) or Phil (the guy that works in the office), you can get their details from google
  14. Hi, I owned a mk4 1.25 Fez a few years ago and I did the Puma 1.7 conversion, I changed the engine and gearbox and it did fly. I also enquired about the 2.0 Focus engine but when I was told about the additional mechanical work i.e. strengthening the engne bay, uprating drive shafts etc it just put me off. Just to let you know if you do manage to do a 2.0L conversion try and get hold of a Puma LSD gear box as you will no doubt be getting loads of wheel spin from a 2.0L engine epecially if you floor the car. Good luck! P.S. have a look at my gallery pics of my mk4 Fez, just so you're aware Puma Build did the conversion but I sourced the engine.
  15. Tesco have both the A1 and the A2/A3 bottles. I've bought the A1 that also has 'Ford reccommends' on the bottle.
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