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  1. induction kit

    I have a mk4 1.25 zetec and I bought a K&N induction kit for 70 pounds I think, it took me about an hour and a half or so to remove the old air box and to fit the cold air feed to the bottom grill with a single cable tie and to finish the whole job off. It was lots of fun and very easy to do as I am a mechanic but it is still a fun sunday job for less experienced enthusiasts. By removing the old air box you also give yourself plenty of space to get to the back of your left hand side light cluster so changing the bulbs is a doddle. Once its fitted it produces a glorious bassy tone which vibrates ever so slightly through to the cabin, but if you drive normally it can be nice and quiet, almost like standard. But combined with a nice big backbox the sound is truly great!! I would not recommend buying Pipercross as I have seen their products fitted to cars before and they proved problematic, especially when one completely blocked up and cut the engine off so we had to run the car with no air filter! K&N all the way!!!
  2. fiesta cambelt

    I changed my cambelt, auxilary belt, engine oil and spark plugs a few months ago and it was very easy, no special tools needed. According to Autodata the cambelt needs to be changed every 10 years or 100,000 miles which is very nice indeed.
  3. more power please??

    I've fitted a set of 15 inch rims on my Fiesta and the speedo did seem to respond more slowly but there was a definite improvement over the standard 13's. Much better road handling, the front wheels barely lock up anymore. Only downside is that the top speed was a tiny bit down, but I fixed that with a K&N air filter with a cold air feed pipe secured to the bottom grill and a 4 inch backbox exhaust. What I think you should do is fit some carburettors as they will give you a few more extra horses, but I would get them professionaly tuned up otherwise your engine will run a bit rough affecting fuel economy and power. I think that K&N do air filters for carburetted cars so bag yourself that aswell. Exhaust wise, if you want to keep it cheap I bought my backbox from essexracing.com for 55 squids. You'll need to cut and weld the exhaust though but it'll be worth it.
  4. Fiesta problems

    Sounds like the Lambda sensor to me, I'm a Alfa Romeo mechanic and half the cars that are running rough usually have faulty Lambda sensors. Not too pricey and quick and easy to replace. Good luck