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  1. Keycode Decoders

    Hi guys, I had to remove the battery today in order to get one of the bolts off the thermostat gasket housing and as a result my radio requires the code -- I have the serial, I found some software for decoding but none for the serials which begin with 'M' like mine. It's ironic that my double-din Panasonic after-market radio doesn't require a pin but my cheap stock one (Which would only fit in the mk6 panel anyway) does! Thanks, Martin
  2. Hi, I'm a relatively new driver and purchased the car as my first vehicle in June last year, it failed its MOT last week on the following: Emitting excessive smoke of any colour --- This is after the idle check, if you take the intake off the turbo there is visible oil so it's suspected the turbo seals have gone. After idling this builds up and obviously comes out of the exhaust after combustion, it clears relatively quickly though. (it was doing this back when I bought it however it passed the MOT last time) There was a leak, the mechanic initially failed it on a leaking fuel component(though he didn't know what/where it was coming from as it was a rushed test due to a late booking), however after further inspection it is water coming from the thermostat housing, I suspect it's the gasket but I'm not sure.. I've ordered a haynes manual and plan to take a more detailed look soon. Also, there is some visible smoke coming from my injectors the mechanic put it as an advisory and said that it's an injector seal which is failing. Is it economically viable for me to get all of this repaired since the car isn't worth a great deal anyway. If so, what'd be the best way to go about it? For example with my Turbo I found a few places online which do reconditioning and will purchase your old one after, or I could goto a breakers etc. I'm still a student so it's going to be a struggle to get it all done, but without an MOT I doubt it'd sell for much either. Thanks, Martin
  3. Heater Blower Resistor Unit

    I had this exact problem on my 54 plate mk6 fiesta -- I dug out the receipt for you, I took it to a local garage and was charged for "HEATER RESISTER SUPPLY AND FIT" which cost £43.78 Incl vat. Parts - £12.27, Labour £25.00 Sorry I can't provide you any more technical info.