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  1. Fuel Problem not starting

    Well, well, well. I just got the same issue with my Fiesta. That happened last week but until now it still under observation. Just try to flip it.
  2. electronic hand brake

    I am asking this one right now on my physics prof. He's been telling me to see my mechanic though. He seems to know something but didn't bother to tell me.
  3. pic of my capri

    That's the real badass classic. I want to have a mod project for that
  4. As requested pic's of my Zetec S

    Haha, the caravan looks like a cool ride. I'm jealous too.
  5. Made my choice!

    My bet is on Cedar too. It's way better than Tango.
  6. Pioneer upgrade kits

    My friend does but I don't know the details that much.
  7. Helpp!!!! engine management light!!!

    Hi there man. What's up? Did you use a black tape on that thing? Or did you buy a new pipe instead? How much for the pipe?
  8. 1.4 LX Air Filter

    Do have any good DYI link for induction kits? I am having a long vacation this month & I am really planning to learn something during this long time.
  9. Cutting out

    Do you have some tips or any DYI link stuffs for cleaning that stuff. Thanks for this advice.
  10. Thanks for the tip. Finally, an idea has been generated by this post. I was figuring this out for a week now.
  11. Roof bars suggestions anyone?

    I saw some site earlier for I was looking some wipers last week. I just can't remember the link that was given by another member.
  12. I also hate citroens. I have them for 2 weeks & I just can't take the stiffness of that thing.
  13. Rear Door locks

    Thanks for this tip. I really learned alot by just reading around. My friend used to have this same problem too. I'll try to tell him this tip. It might help him as well. Thanks.
  14. Thing to Look for and Barter against

    Thanks for the tip. It helped me somehow than doing the advice of our sloppy mechanic here. I'll try to see what I can find out in my header tank.
  15. ANY IDEAS!

    Lol. The price is quite ridiculous. £400 for a master cyclinder? No way. I got mine for £70 I just let my uncle do the job.