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  1. TW@TS

    Always worse when they just go off, i found a scuff mark from my front drivers wing rightdown to my rear quarter not pleased so i know the feeling, hope you get it sorted ;)
  2. Racing Licence

    Told you, you could sponsor me lol ;)
  3. Fiesta Chat Topic

    Chatzy?? Or am I being dense?? ;)
  4. Racing Licence

    I take it no one holds a racing licence then??
  5. Pictures of the new car

    Very nice, wish i waited for the Mk7 :(
  6. i found this on face book :(

    Looks like its up a creek without a paddle lol
  7. Racing Licence

    Just wondering if anyone on here holds a racing licence, as i am very interested in getting one. where is the best place to do your test??? I've looked at doing it at silverstone but its pretty expensive there.
  8. What insurance company are you with?

    I'm currently with Tescos, nearly had a coronary when I bought the car, Ford Insure qouted me £3500! Holy macaroni, needless to say i stayed with Diamond at the time and still paid a whopping £120 a MONTH!
  9. World Series @ Silverstone

    Just thought I would see ig anyone was going this weekend?? :)
  10. Word Association Game

  11. Marley & Me

    How about Drag me to hell?? OMFG, made me jump soooooo much!
  12. Word Association Game

  13. What are your reasons for choosing Ford

    Cheap on parts... fairly easy to fix
  14. Hello from Bristol

    Hello and Welcome
  15. Word Association Game