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  1. Happy Birthday Kasim786!

  2. My Zetec S

    Thanks mate :) I would defos recommend it! All in and it was done in a day since I know the guy it was £200. Not bad at all!
  3. My Zetec S

    Hahaha what you driving now Loz? Fezza ST? Anthracite makes the alloys pop and stand out during the day you should defos get it sorted! Love the regy bulb, cant take it out as its one big unit and cant be fixed if fails, have to take it to ford to get a new unit!
  4. My Zetec S

    Thanks Jonny :) believe it or not those are standard bulbs on the regy plate! The new focus has an LED bulb standard
  5. Calliper Colours

    What about red mate? i got my alloys powder coated anthracite then painted the calipers matte red
  6. My Zetec S

    Thanks man! I've done quite a lot but just small subtle changes, only major change is the alloys which are powder coated in Anthracite. always thought about lowering it but tbh it does feel the bumps with the stiffer springs on it already. its a 1.6 tdi
  7. Untitled Album

    The brief.
  8. My Zetec S

    A couple of pics in the dark, looks mint at night time :)
  9. My Zetec S

    Troops! just a post about my pride and joy and what you guys think about it? feel free to recommend anything i should to do it! Thanks :)
  10. My Zetec S

    Troops! just posting a topic about my car! looking for some feedback on it on what you guys think of it and what i should do to it next? thanks
  11. Subwoofer Help!

    How would i go about changing the fuse now? I try not to muck about with electrics as i am gauranteed to cause disaster! Lol!
  12. Subwoofer Help!

    I think it might be a fuse, its not a built in amp, i changed the fuse for the sub and stil no power so might well be a fuse in the car, im Confused why the heating/climate control wont turn on though, at one point i couldnt even lock the car from the key fob but i can now, I checked and re-checked all the wiring and all looks fine
  13. Subwoofer Help!

    Ive wired it to the standard headunit, i have the mk7 fiesta with the huge facias, i used an Rca convertor to hook it up, as i said its all been fine untill yesterday :(
  14. Subwoofer Help!

    People i have a huge problem :( I have fitted a Subwoofer in my fiesta, been about a month now and had no problems at all. All off a sudden the climate control will NOT come on no matter what, and the subwoofer wont power on either, i fitted a new fuse in te sub but still bo power. Anyone have any ideas what the problem clould be? :'(
  15. Fiesta Mods/parts

    how much would you sell parcel shelve with the 6x9's and amp?