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  1. Picked Up New Mk7 Last Week

    Had a quick look & the spare is a 14" steel wheel, fits fine in the boot you wouldn't know its there. I guess they don't fit them as standard anymore due to weight saving? A question about changing to LED's for the footwell & sidelights, would the led's fade on & off when the doors are opened / closed the same as the normal bulbs? Cheers for the comments everyone
  2. Picked Up New Mk7 Last Week

    Thanks for the comments everyone... I managed to get a spare wheel kit thrown in for £50 (usually £120 i think) just for the peace of mind really. Will be looking at getting the tints done, the car wasn't a factory order so couldn't add them as an option. Bristol Street quoted £250 for the job, which i thought was a bit pricey?
  3. Hi Everyone, Have been a member a while now, but never posted.. great site! Had a MK6.5 for 3 years, and have wanted a MK7 for ages...so thought i'd treat myself.... Picked up my new MK7 last week, always wanted a black car. It's a standard (apart from Bluetooth) Zetec 5 door 1.25. Can't believe how different it feels compared the MK6.5, am loving it! If anyone has any ideas for mods etc let me know..i'd like to put some bigger wheels on at some point as think the 15"s can look a bit lost in the car sometimes...
  4. Mk6 Instrument Cluster Problems

    My Mk6.5 had an issue similar this, had loads of fault codes stored that didn't actually exist & car would sometimes refuse to start saying it was overheating (when it was -4 outside). Turned out to be a short in the cluster & had to have a new one fitted.