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  1. Ka Write Off

    I crashed my ford ka the other day and need a new: - cross member - offside chassis - offside engine mount - offside headlight - offside bumper(over wheel arch) Basically, I need to know where I can get cheap parts to fix the car OR I want to sell the car for £400 ONO It has a brand new clutch that was bought in December and new nearside wishbone if it was wanted to sell on as parts. Let me know, thanks:) Email: leonie1.x@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Cracked Wishbone Helpp!

    I had noticed that after and that must be what it is, how much is that going to set me back thoughh? Is it dangerous? I imagine they can snap if too weak:/ Thank you though fishpond 47 He also said I've got a leak which I had before the incident and said it could be to do with the heater matrix. He said keep an eye on the coolant level as it would drop quite quickly, but there's no change in it :S and to put some radweld in it. But if its not that, Ive heard radweld can clog the radiator as it is, so if i do put radweld in and thats not it, am i just causing more problems for myself?
  3. Cracked Wishbone Helpp!

    Thank youu, I picked up a wishbone for £30 inc. VAT at a local parts garage, I was quite happy with that:) And it's clearly good in life to know people because I got a mechanic to do it for £40 labour and he even bent my driveshaft back into shape aswell. So in all, £70. Compared to the £240 quote I got beforehand I'm happy. Thanks anyway guys.
  4. I cracked my front nearside wishbone tonight whilst driving a bit too fast round a corner in the wet and went up on the curb. I really need to get it fixed ASAP because of work etc. and just generally getting around. I was wondering if anyone knew how much this would cost if i did go to a garage? or whether its simple enough for me to do myself. I cant get different quotes on it because its not driveable and im scared i may have done something else to the wheel. I'm not gonna lie, im an amateur in terms of mechanics but trying to learn, if i cant do it myself, i know mechanics that could possibly do it for me. Please help, thanks:)