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  1. Ford Focus - 12V Supply

    Mine does even without the key in the ignition. Most annoying as I have a roadhawk camera fitted to it and I have to manually pull it out every time I get out of the car.
  2. Roof Rack Recess, No Holes To Screw Into

    Sorted. It appears that Ford have filled over the holes with 10mm of filler which you have to gouge out with a screwdriver; underneath all this !Removed! is the hole. Great design Ford not.
  3. Just won a genuine Ford roof rack on e-bay (picture showed it on a 2010 Focus)but looking at mine there are no holes for the roof rack bolts to go into, any idea's.
  4. Keith, works a treat. Go for it

  5. Having seen your post on the Ford forum, I have the same issue. Please could you confirm if the connector you purchased works. Thanks


  6. Ruined Wheel Nut Attached To The Car...

    I had this recently when I sent my car in for a four wheel refurb. There is a special impact device that they hammer into the locking nut which in turn unscrews the bolt. Normally costs around £40 as it's a use once device.Mine were the collet type so no way could you hammer a socket over it.
  7. Ipod Connection To Sony Stereo

    I have a 10 reg Focus and the port in the centre console is AUX only so there is no control over the ipod. There are Connects2 solutions that tap into the rear of head units if there is a cd changer port evident. Not sure there is one on the standard Sony CD player? I have just replaced the lot as I needed something with full i-pod control (including charging) and something that provided MP3 CD playback as well as bluetooth. I fitted a JVC KD 811 double din stereo and it looks like it was factory fitted. Hard work tracking down the bits (facia/stalk control) but it was all worth it.
  8. Fitting Ipod To 2007 Focus

    Personally I went for a solution that allows me to use the stalk controls to control the i-pod. The way things are I can see the law being changed to include an offence if you are fiddling with your i-pod (similar to mobiles). I put a new i-pod ready stereo in with a connects2 stalk adaptor. Took an hour to install. And no, I wouldn't trust Halfords to do it but then I wouldn't let anyone else either.
  9. Focus Fascia To Replace Oval Facelift Stereo

    Word of warning, I bought one of these for a double din JVC stereo (last weekend). Although the head unit fitted in the final thin fascia surround that goes around the head unit would not fit into the recess of this fascia panel. I had to use a hot blade to remove around 5mm from the height of each upright strut for it to fit.
  10. Customer Service

    I came to Ford after two years (in warranty) with Renault. Let me tell you about customer service- I had my Cliosport 197 in at Birmingham Renault for a 24k service. My car was fitted with a roadhawk camera which recorded the entire event. It showed that they did not change the oil. It also records everything that was being said and the mechanics can be heard slagging me for claiming warranty over the steering wheel (they melt). These bozo's were accusing me of defacing the steering wheel with my rings. The car was on the ramps or less than 50 minutes and they took 4 further hours to call me to say it had been done. I only saw the footage that night, wasn't looking for anything in particular but glad I did. I went into the showroom next day with my laptop and showed them; you should have seen their faces. They tried to deny everything but when I sent the footage to Renault UK they couldn't do enough for me. Renault UK are pretty awful truth be told, they called me recently to ask if I would like to extend the warranty? I told them that the warranty the car came with was awful so why would I want to pay for more of the same? I know every manufacturers dealer network can be problematic but there's a reason that Renault is at the bottom of the JD survey, they belong there.
  11. Is My 1.8 (59Reg) Can Bus?

    Similar, used the connects2 type kit as that's all they had in stock. Useless company for car audio equipment but I got there in the end.
  12. Is My 1.8 (59Reg) Can Bus?

    Yes it is, all installed and working a treat.
  13. A Week In A Focus

    Evening all. Another car, another forum. I've had my 10 reg 1.8 Zetec a week and what do I think? I'm warming to it slowly. In the 4 mile drive home from the fourcourt I was bored, have to admit it. But on the motorway's to work & business I have to say it's a lovely place to be. It does everything right, not bad at anything that I put it through so in all pleased with it. Coming from a Cliosport 197 it's not going to compete on fun but for a daily driver it's coming on strong. One thing for sure I don't miss the idiot's in their VXR's trying to "burn off" at the lights. This forum seems to attract a more mature sort so I expect I'll stick around - if I'm welcome?
  14. Is My 1.8 (59Reg) Can Bus?

    It is indeed can bus just in case anyone else needs to know.
  15. Is My 1.8 (59Reg) Can Bus?

    Guys, in my search for a stalk adaptor a so called audio expert wants to know if my car is can bus or not. How can I tell?