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  1. finally had my windows tinted

    i used to love beemers but now every1 has got them. Every time i'm stopped at the traffic lights i always get a beemer try race me he goes wheelspinning off i jus pull off normal and who will look like the !Removed! the BMW driver for drivin like a noob. yh they obviously in different leagues yu cant compare but wa i dont get is why do they always try race ya around any where there is no point at all. if i turned up wit and hemi dodge charger old school they would still try race ya although they would know they would get whipped off the line. i arn't saying all bmw drivers are bad its prob like 8 out 10 or either its just down my end lol. i've always liked fiesta's from the mk1 and all the way to the mk7. i'm going have to have a test drive but i know i will defo want 1 because mine is gettin a tad uncomy feel all the bumps in the road its a right pain, and they are well nice to look at. mine looks a bit boy racer but i arnt into that stuff i don't see the point in spending all that money on it to crash the car. lol
  2. finally had my windows tinted

    yeah i know what you mean mate every one got a beemer these days because they are pretty cheap i wanted 1 before but when i see someone driving a bmw they cant drive and they drive like a !Removed!. to be honest i love cars and i love driving i only been driving a year though im only 19 i do around 60 miles a day. i checked insurance on the 1.6 zetec s and its pretty cheap to be honest i didnt think i'd get insured on it. i'm just going have to save my money a bit now and try get one soon :) take it for a test drive 1st see if i like it but i think i will
  3. finally had my windows tinted

    oh right cool yh i think thats the 1 i'd choose ive been looking at it and i'd have the fully spec good choice mate and in black. yh mines the 1999 1.25 lx lol they good little motors mines running really well just having a bit of trouble with the idle the needle keeps jumping and sicking does my head in. i might just save up and get the new fiesta be very reliable too. mine cost a bomb on mot needed new suspension and other stuff i cant remember. i'd have mine on finance can't afford buy full at once wel i could have save up for about a year lol im only a student. but like i say i really like the new fiesta and couldnt get bored of it.
  4. finally had my windows tinted

    it is isnt it lol i don't know wheather do it though and jus wait till i drop the puma sport im tempted jus save up even more and get the new fiesta whats insurence like on the zetec s 1, which 1 have you had mate?
  5. finally had my windows tinted

    cheers mate thats all i'm doing for now saving up drop a puma sport in it hopefully or jus get a new fiesta. what are the new fiesta like to drive mine not very comfy lol i didnt like them at 1st but one drove past me the other day and they look alot nicer in life than picture and i fell 4 it.
  6. The sound system of a Mk 4 Fiesta...

    a up mate thats the 1st thing i did when i got my fiesta put a new CD player in and i whacked a sub in the boot. The fiesta mk4 have only got 2 speakers well mine has and it got to tweeters i've got the standard speakers still in once you put a sub in you dont need nothing else in
  7. the tints are limo black only had the back 3 done dont really want risk doing the to front ones let me know what you think people
  8. I never knew this...

    i've got that lil cubby hole in my mk4 lol m9 jus hasnt got a cover over it jus a big hole but when i put stuff in there you can't see it. i jus put me remote for me dvd player in there, no where else to put it and its out the way and al me junk goes in there use it like a bin really for me reciepts when i fill me car up lol
  9. Replacement Sidelight

    hiya mate, yh your car would fail mot with them, n you would just get a warning for them i'v never been pulled n my lights were bright blue LEDS i will include a picture show you. i've got blue LED in my grill and when ive been pulled they didnt say nothin about that either which i was very suprised. (alcohol checks at christmas lol). this is my old car renualt (bag of poo) i know you get a warning because my mate ot 1, but my brother has got them in his car and nothing been said to him. them are just the side lights they are really bright, i also had blue/white xeon headlights
  10. Pics of new alloys fitted on car!

    them alloys suit he car really well. your car is well nice i didnt like the new fiesta fiesta when it come out but its kinda grown on me nw, but yours is really nice mate nice job
  11. Jus had my alloys put on

    cool mate, ya dont want a chrome tail pipe :D i did have jus a back box before give it the sound and looked nice. but now i've put this cat back exhaust its very loud it drowns me sub out on the motorway put it one way ive always got put me music prety loud . nice little cars do up fiestas are i'm having me windows tinted on monday just the back ones then all i need do is lower it i won't need do anything else to it i'm not putting any bumpers or anything i think it ruins the car and they cost a bomb to fit i heard because sometimes they dont fit the car
  12. Will 16" rims fit my 98 fiesta?

    i dont know mate when i went buy my alloys the guy said i could have 15" on a high profile (which i got nw) but i would'nt be able to have a full car which was true because the other week i could smell the rubber burning off my tyres wen i had a full car. he said if i had 16" i would have to take the inner arch lining out and the you can fit up to 17" i think. if you put 15" low profile you will be able lower it quite abit i can only lower mine 40mm max
  13. Jus had my alloys put on

    glad you like it. no you don't have tell insurence about your lights. yh the back lights are black lexus lights i got mine from a motor shop around my end but you can also get them from halfords ect. i did have tights around my old lights then i sprayed them black but sprayed to much so you couldnt see any light through the, so i thought may aswell get them but i didnt think they would be that nice to be honest lol really suits the car hope your fiesta comes out nice m8 they are really nice cars do up, cost abit but its worth it. get some pictures up of your fiesta
  14. Jus had my alloys put on

    alloys cost £325 with yokohamma tyres ive had them since october though. nah i havnt kurbed them at all yet lol only thing i've had on recently is me exhaust and rear lexus lights. my lights in the footwells i got from halford its LEDs i got them wired up in the grill to but you can't tell off my picure u can see it slightly. i got them for £10 the lights lol i havnt seen them about again though.
  15. Jus had my alloys put on

    black lexus lights and new sportex exhaust cat back. angel lights neons in footwells let me know what you think, im going to lower it soon and tint my windows