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    mk6 fiesta black
  1. Fitting Spoiler to MK6

    yeah the stuff is very strong, the good thing about is it is not brittel so any vibration or hard hits does not effect the bond as it has an elastic effect. jus ensure when when applying the spoiler you hold it in place using electronics tape or something on those lines as mines took a good half hour to set, and you dont want it moving thats for sure ha. go for it buddy
  2. Respray

    I jus bought a blue spoiler for my black car but got it for very nice price so could affo rd to get it re sprayed and came out awesome!, but if you sand it down yourself this can save yourself a few wee buttons, make it happen !!
  3. Fitting Spoiler to MK6

    One word, tigerseal! i just fitted my one last week, didnt bother drilling and all that. makes such a difference to the car. but tigerseal is way to go. ebay £5.79 + pp
  4. wheels for sale AMMACULATE!

    pictures and sale item Here I have Two ammaculate 15 inch ford fiesta alloys that came off the special edition Fiesta Black MK6 Both Alloys have no kerb marks or scratches, no buckles. and come with the centre caps, one alloy has slight skiff marks on 3 off the spokes which is only visible when close up! Both Alloys come with Camac tyres which have done 300 miles and are in excellent condition and have been balanced. When Looking on the Ford parts website, I found one alloy retails at £110 without a tyre, so grab yourself a real bargain !! The alloys fit any Fiesta MK6 model starting from 14/02/2002 If you require just one alloy, then let me as this can be arranged PICK UP ONLY !!! cash on collection Item is advertised on ebay, or make me an offer right now and I will consider. Thanks Danny- 07837108896
  5. whisling sound

    i have same problem :(
  6. Spoiler =D

    Yeah man let us know buddy
  7. fitting spoiler

    I found a similar topic on another forum and they mentioned using a strong adhesive, So i just need to find a bargain on ebay and give it a try but drilling would possibly be a last resort.
  8. fitting spoiler

    I am currently looking into buying and fitting a spoiler, preferably the ST spoiler. has anyone went about fitting a spoiler to the mk6 zetec ??? Not too keen on going daft and drilling holes but wondered if silicone may work instead??? views please cheers
  9. fiesta black

    When i stuck the wheels on ...for a baragain they were!
  10. when I first got it

  11. Fiesta black

  12. NEWBIE...

    I have two off those wheels i need to get rid off, both with no kerb marks and tyres which have done 300 miles!!! bloomin potholes caught out the other two! but the council eventually coughed up the cash
  13. 2003 Fiesta Black seat tilt

    fiesta black !! high 5 dude!! is there alot of free play or is ther tension when you pull it?? maybe the cable has gone ????