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  1. Hi everyone I have just received a nasty surprise to hear that my 2014 1.6 mk3 focus has failed emissions tests. The car has 62k on the clock, it has been frequently serviced since i bought it with 35k. I also do plenty of motorway miles...I am really not sure where to look now? The first owner was elderly lady and the car at that time was probably doing short urban journeys. I am thinking to clean the EGR even thou the car drives fine and there are no engine lights on? 😐 This morning I ran a forscan and everything came back clean. I also did this with cold engine at idling speed: ANY suggestions?
  2. Thanks I hope it isn't a headache to replace.
  3. Hi everyone, I have recently started hearing/feeling vibrations after sharp acceleration on my 2006 Focus. I have been advised that the vibrations are caused by engine leaning against the exhaust and that engine mount on the car needs replacing. However, since there is more than one engine mount, how could I figure out which mount needs replacing? The car is 2006 mk2 Focus 1.6 Many Thanks
  4. Definitively on the outside. It is very obvious if you stay anywhere around the vehicle when the engine is starts from cold. The car is 2014 TDCI, 50k on the clock. 40k was done by previous owner who was lady, in the city... I have asked people around, they are coming up with "exhaust leaks", "dpf", "egr" etc. There are no warning lights on the dash, and I believe 50k is relatively low mileage to have problems with DPF, - uless I am wrong?? I did and everything is dry around the filter. The only place I have noticed a "leak" was from the pipe on the left which leads from intercooler towards the rear of the engine. The leak is where a pipe is clipped onto some sort of housing. See pic.
  5. Greetings, Since I bought my MK3 2014 1.6 TDCI Focus I have noticed a weird dry diesel smell when I start my car, and it lasts until the engine warms up. Is this a problem I should worry about or is this normal occurrence with this model? Many Thanks
  6. Hello, The power steering fluid is running below minimum on my car... I need to top-up but I am not sure which fluid is correct for my car as there are many available. I checked at halfords, but there isn't recommendation for my vehicle. My car is 2005 Mondeo, 2.0 tdci Thanks!!