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    Supply Your Own Parts.

    Hi all, just before christmas my alternator gave up the ghost. Quite frightening really as I had just upgraded my headlights to HID. Thought this had shagged my electrics. HID tends to strobe when the alternator goes!! However got it towed to a Ford authorised dealer, Motorsave in Pendlebury, Salford. Thet wanted £300 plus for the alternator, £30 for a fuel filter and £97 plus vat for the fuel filter sensor. With fitting totalled £704. When jaw lifted off floor and tears dried, I told them I'd have a crack myself, as the alternator is easy to get at and the fuel filter and sensor easy targets too. He told me that if I supplied the parts myself he'd fit them all for £160. Not too bad i Thought. The mercury had dropped, the wind had got up and rain was not in short supply in November. Ebay it was. Brand new alternator (not recon) £125 delivered, fuel filter £7 inc delivery and a scrap sensor £40 inc delivery too. You do the maths!!! They were quick too. Just shows how a little searching saves nearly £400 Paul
  2. nistelrooy

    Fuel Filter Water Trap Warning Light

    Hi all, for your information. The fuel filter water trap warning light came on as the plug had failed. A new one from ford would cost £97 plus vat. Got a scrapper for £40 delivered. Problem sorted.
  3. nistelrooy

    Ranger Moans And Groans

    Hiya Dave, I had exactly the same noise on my truck. I mentioned it at my service a couple of years ago. They adjusted something underneath the truck but didn't tell me what they adjusted. As far as I can see it was a quick fix and cheap, as they didn't charge. It has just come back. I get my noise on full lock over a bump. Paul
  4. Hiya, can anyone advise? I have a 2001 xlt double cab 2.5 TD. The battery warning light has come on as well as (what I now know) the fuel filter water trap light.The battery light is telling me to take it to a dealer. I have seen in the hand book that I have to drain off the excess water with a small procedure which i have done. All I seem to get is diesel out. Am I doing something wrong?? Paul
  5. nistelrooy

    HELP! (Ranger Owners Handbook).

    Hiya mate. saw your post on foc. Need a workshop manual myself. Does the cd cover mine 2001 xlt double cab 2.5 TD? Paul