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  1. Bluefin on TDCI

    It was about 2 years old, it did have an issue with the first map which bluefin fixed, my car helped develop that :)
  2. Bluefin on TDCI

    I have the bluefin on my 1.5TDCi. It adds a lot of torque rather than horse power but it is quite nice. You loose your Ford warranty if they find out its remapped.
  3. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    F6 is good, I think a good test of it was round 3 big cities in Europe and mostly worked fine the whole time.
  4. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    Would it have caused this issue?
  5. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    It occurs at warm or cold, when you start it up in the morning it starts up and idles smoothly for about a second then starts getting rougher and using more fuel, almost like something is kicking in and causing these issues PCM was updated to address surging issues due to emissions apparently
  6. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    Initially yes, they suggested taking the k and n air filter out and using a ford one, then oddly it stopped throwing code's. The codes when it did throw them were Intake air system leak detected.
  7. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    Okay thanks. I'm just wondering if this issue was caused as a result of distur bing the air pipes or something. It does suggest a air leak to me
  8. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    Yes the fuel filter was also changed in this service, I have a dash cam and was interested what they were doing and noticed it stalled right after they did the fuel filter, perhaps could have something to do with it?
  9. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    I guess i'll take it back to Ford then, the problem is the recall was done back in June... Also it feels like something is kicking in and causing this issue, the engine also seems noisier - EGR valve?
  10. Hi, Back in June I had the 1.5TDCi engine camshaft recall done and software update. After that the engine has been running a bit oddly and using more fuel, there are a lot of dead spots in the accelerator and it feels like it is struggling to boost. It is also DPF regenerating a lot more often I assume because of the extra fuel burn. The problem is i've checked all the intake air hoses and they seem fine to me, I can't find a hole or hear any air leak sound. Could anyone suggest any ways of finding the fault before I take it to Ford. Could it be the software update that the EGR did not calibrate properly or something? I tried resetting EGR adaptations with ForScan but it keeps showing errors when resetting. It would be helpful from 1.6TDCi engine owners too if they have had a similar issue as it is a very similar engine. Thanks. Suddste
  11. Software

    If it isnt remapped and you dont want to remap then update the software, there was nothing wrong with that part of it on mine, it was just when the remap was added.
  12. Software

    No they told me that ford changed some of the maximum torque figures which the map doesn't agree with. They sent an updated map but didn't fix any issues. In fact iantt or anyone you may be able to help. I had the car go I to limp mode because of this and it was at quite a high speed, it felt like the engine locked up and it made quite a big bang. I got the smell of burnt clurch even though my foot wasn't on the pedal. Is it possible the engine locked up and that's why the clutch smelt? It was a bit worrying...
  13. Software

    I don't recommend updates especially if you have a remap. I had mine updated last week and it messed the remap up so much so i have taken the map off the car. I now have a £400 remap I can't use. The ford dealer won't go back.
  14. PCM Update

    I have the original strategy number: F1F1-14C204-JF How would I go about telling them it could be done?