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  1. NTech

    Fusion 2 Hellp

    In relation to the problem with the wipers on slow speed I have not had this problem with my Fusion but a previous car did.Did you try the wipers with the blades lifted off the windscreen?.My problem with my previous car was the 3 finger contacts in the wiper rotor assembly,the grease the manufacturers applied had dried out and when the wipers came under pressure ie at mid way on the sweep the pins could not ride over the small build up of hard grease and stopped (when on fast speed the momentum was able to carry them over) I removed the wiper assembly and rotated it by connecting it to a 12V battery and used a small piece of plastic and a cloth soaked in methylated spirit to clean the tracks and then coated the track with electrical contact grease and it lasted for years before I sold the car on.I know it is a long shot but possibly worth a try. good luck Regards NTecH
  2. NTech

    Fusion 53 Reg

    Hi Pumpkin 9968. I have the same "croaking" noise when the engine warms up in my 03 1.4 petrol Fusion and the Ford garage tell me it is the water pump, the said to leave it until it gets worse (how worse I ask myself) I would keep a check on it and if it starts to "sgueak" or "squeal" I will have to get it replaced,they told me it is quite expensive as there are a lot of bits which have to be removed/re-fitted to get at it. Best of luck.
  3. NTech

    New Fusion Owner

    The Handbook from a 2006 model will be much the same as the handbook I have is for a 2009 model and my Fusion is 2003 and the variations are minimal.
  4. NTech

    New Fusion Owner

    Hi Chris. The Tyre pressures for the 195/60/15 are (Normal Load) Front 2bar / 29 lbf/Sq in. Rear 1.8bar / 26 lbf/Sq in (Full load) Front 2.5bar / 36 lbf/Sq in. Rear 2.8bar / 41 lbf/Sq in If you bought the car from a Ford dealer go back and insist on a Handbook as it is an essential part of the car for operating and maintaining it safely-make some noise if they refuse, especially if there are customers buying when you are there,thats what I did. For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would remove the handbook from the car in the first place!!. Sorry I cannot help you with the radio code but the garage may be able to help you,if not there are some good posts about this issue if you look at previous pages. NTech.
  5. NTech

    Fusion 1.4 Tdci Electronics Problem

    Hi Sea sider. Thanks for the reply. I need to keep an eye on the acceleration issue as mine hesitates sometimes but not so you would notice it a lot.
  6. NTech

    Bonnet Won't Open

    Ask a friend to push down hard on the bonnet directly over the catch and try pulling the lever,if it opens the catch needs adjusting.If that does not work you may have to crawl under the car and shine the torch towards the bonnet catch you will be able to see it (i have just tried it myself and I could clearly see the catch with a torch)ask the friend to slowly pull the bonnet release and see it there is any movement where the cable attaches if not then the cable may be seized or broken.You may be able to use a long strong bar to move the catch over.I did not try that when I checked the catch. Q: when was the last time the bonnet was opened? and was it ok then?.
  7. NTech

    Fusion 1.4 Tdci Electronics Problem

    Well, What was the outcome of the diagnostics?
  8. NTech

    Cooling Fans Running On

    I have not had this problem with My Fusion (2003) but with a different make and it was a faulty thermostat (for the Fan) follow the wiring from the fan(s) and see where it goes, the Thermostat will likely be fitted on the engine block or on the radiator,if the wiring disappears into the engine management unit the fault may possible be a thermostat telling the engine management to turn the fan on or as in your case not telling it to turn off - a word of warning !! do this when the engine is cold as even when the fan(s) is not running and the engine is hot the fan may come on as the coolant temperature may rise due to no airflow through the radiator.
  9. NTech

    Fusion 2 Foglights

    I met a guy in a car park recently with a 2003 Fusion 2 1.4 Petrol and he kindly opened the bonnet on his Fusion and there was no insulation on the underside of the bonnet - so it would appear that they are not manufactured with underbonnet insulation.
  10. NTech

    Fusion 2 Foglights

    As an aside from the Fog light discussion.Would the Fusion normally have under-bonnet insulation? as mine does not have any.
  11. NTech

    Fusion 2 Foglights

    The connector block I found at the back of the radiator seems to be the connector for the Fog lights the colour coding (Green/Blue) seems to be the 12V+ from the light switch according to the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual but no power comes to it with the Fog light switch pulled out (this turns on the rear Fog light). Would this switch normally turn on both front and rear Fog lights or would there be another switch to turn on the front Fog lights?. Thanks. NTech.
  12. NTech

    Fusion 2 Foglights

    Thanks Lonewolf. I did not think to look anywhere near the bumper.I will have a look on Saturday when I have more time (and Daylight). I have a "Haynes" workshop manual which is for a Fiesta but cover most of the Fusion as well (is it my imagination or are Haynes manuals getting progressively poorer?)and the wiring diagram shows the wiring connections for Fog lights and I need to sit down and try to make some sense of it - luckily I a spark so I probably will manage it .As for my local ford garage I would say that they would be challenged to find the Computer never mind the wiring diagram. :( I have not found any suitable fog lights yet,need to expand my breakers yard search.
  13. NTech

    Fusion 2 Foglights

    My Fusion 2 (2003) does not have Fog lights fitted and I was wondering if there is a connector in the engine bay to facilitate the installation of Foglights.I found on connector with a pair of wires in it ix Black and 1x Green/Blue it is mounted close to the windscreen washer reservoir.Thanks in anticipation of a reply.NTech.
  14. NTech

    Problem With Petrol Gauge

    Hi JustJayne01. I hope the garage can sort out the problem for you,I am out of suggestions as to the cause of your problem. let me know what the result is.NTech.
  15. NTech

    Problem With Petrol Gauge

    Two other questions ?? Is there a smell of petrol in the car when it is running ?.If there is you need to get it to a "good" garage. Did the battery ever go flat possibly before this problem started ?.If the battery went flat getting it "jump started" may have upset the computer or the engine management controller. Hope these narrow the cause of the problem.