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  1. Winter Tyres

    Im also having the same problem, i bought a new fiesta zetec 1.4 the other month and i need 2 winter tyres for going to the alps for the winter (5months). I also plan to use snow chains a little. i have 15 inch wheels with 195/50 15 82h at the moment. I was looking to get 2 steel wheels and two snow tyres from somewhere like mytyres.co.uk Ive found 2 options- 1. My tyres have some 15 inch wheel with the same tyre BUT im not sure about the ET/offset. Where does it give the information about what it should be. They set up is saying that it will be fitted on a 4 hole steel wheel : 15 inchh 4 x 108.00 x 63.30 ET:47.50 I was under the impression the ET had to be lower than that! Any one want to give me any advice? Also any rules on just have 2 snow tyres..? 2.The ford garage said to put 175/65 R14 on Now a 175/65 R14 82H Is coming up saying The tyre will be fitted on a 4-hole steel wheel: 14 inch 4 x 108.00 x 63.30 ET: 37.50 This sounds more like what ive read online...but i dont no anything about wheels..and the ford garage also seemed a bit confused...by putting the 175/65 on a 14 inch wheel does that make it the same as a 150/95 on a 15 inch wheel? But there is also this size in 82H and 82t and 86H and 86T. Which one? Also any one have any idea what the clearance is like...will i be ok with snowchains? Any info would be hugely appreciated!! Thanks Kirst