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  1. Handbrake Issue

    brakes where done last weekend bud, looks like really bad luck, thats all, thanks lads, lets try n keep em running ,,
  2. Handbrake Issue

    yes, it was..
  3. Handbrake Issue

    it may have then, really cant be bothered doing that today now, its sound like a right carry on to check/replace the entire cable from internet search.... :(
  4. Handbrake Issue

    yes it is,,
  5. Handbrake Issue

    Hi all, was tightening the handbrake cable when all of a sudden its extremely loose and has zero effect, what just happened, Cable is intact at rear drums?? Steve
  6. Hi all, just to let you know i had some issues with my W plate ford focus, When i was driving, every 15 miles or so, the car would suddenly lose all power, not rev, but the engine was still running. Checked the forums , and the suggested new throttle pedal assembly, I changed that, and seemed better for a while, but was doing short journeys. Then it returned, RAC came out and noticed that 5 faultcodes where in memory. He cleared that then followed me to work (excellent service!), and no fault was found, but checked to see if car would start/rev, it didnt, and RAC chap checked codes, the 5 where back. Checked circuit diagram, and the five all fed off on portion of the circuit diagram, so being an electronics engineer, decided to reseat the connectors on the ECU, Result, 3 weeks of driving with no breakdowns whatsover. The ecu is at your feet on the right bulkhead, its footery to get at , but just break and make the conns again and refit to bulkhead. What i think was happening was as the car was heating up, the connections where opening up slightly, so short runs/ cold car meant no breakdown, M8/mway meant warm car + breakdown, Before yoyu spend any cash, check the connection at the ecu, and while you are down there, take a 10mm socket and remove, remake the conns to the pedal assembly too. Other tip is take off the intercoller and pipes and spray in boost cleaner, what a difference to the car, and keeps the EGR valve issue at bay for a while at least. Steve in Glasgow
  7. Advise Please

    hi all, wheels need balanced, or tyre has bobble on it, if you kerb it etc they can form a blister, sometimes on inside so hard to spot, also worth checking tyres all are on with correct rotation, as the wee arrow has to be correct for every tyre, worth checking, tyres are directional and can cause this effect.
  8. 1.8 Tdci Starting Problem

    oh and of course heater plugs may be goosed, but replacement is the only option as can be difficult to remove and test,,
  9. 1.8 Tdci Starting Problem

    you may have a sticking valve mate, but more likely the egr valve is open, take it off , clean with brake cleaner and re-install, if you have no compression, ie valve etc, you will get this effect. newbie focus owner so learning its foibles over last five weeks, 1.8 tdci too steve
  10. Knocking From The Engine Bay!!

    hi, check that the side engine cover bolts in the front wheel arch are re-installed, sometimes the guys cant be bothered putting them back in, or forget, i had that on my car, two 9/16 bolts either side sortde it. Still have rear bushes to do, that doesnt cause loud noise though, but i can see play. Check that your wheel nuts are tight, and not worn to the point they are contacting drum/disk but not actually gripping steel wheels. Nothing more annoying than a noise you cant trace mate.. good luck