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  1. Rear Bush Replacement

    Hi Vicky, Reading your post, you are referring to the rear sub frame bushes, and not the anti roll bar bushes as a few people semm to think you mean. I replaced the rear subframe bushes with flo flex ones, yes they insert into the metal casing in the subframe. I put the car on ramps, and did one bush at a time so as not to alter any settings on the subframe. Undo the single bolt on the bush. then remove bush, right, I found this a right pain, I have removed cylinder heads from my cars, gearboxes and changed clutches and it is a pain in the rear. I suggest you use a deep 44mm holesaw obviously fitted to an arbour, make sure the arbour you use will fit into the drill that you use, some arbours are too large for the drill chuck. Once you have drilled as deep as you can, if it still does not come out, then I then had to burn the rest out!! I used an old gas torch that plumbers use, heated up a small strip of metal and pierced all the way around the bush, it did work but it does take a long time, I also found that if you attach a pair of mole grips on the metal and rotate it will come out. Then you will find rubber in the housing on the car, then you use a round wire brush and attach it to the electric drill and clean the inside, you may need to have sveral of these as they fail quite quickly. When pushing the new ones in, you can use some washing up liquid but not grease etc. Good luck, any probs please ask.
  2. Hello, I am curious having seen the Wheeler Dealers programme, regarding the TerraClean product of decarbonising the engine on a car. I had a look on the net, and I contacted the UK people via the website, I was given a few places where they do this, the closest being in Birmingham and Nottingham. The place in Nottingham Tuna Motorsport will do the procedure for £70 plus vat = £84. It takes one hour apparently. I am interested as it apparently cleans the engine, engine respone is better, as is economy. Having just had a full major service on my 03 plate 2.0 petrol Mondeo Mk3 I am interested as to any members on here who have had it done and what their impartial view on it is. I am not connected with the product, agent or garages that do this so I have no links to it, but I would like to be informed prior to spending the money and having it done, if I indeed opt for it. Thank you
  3. I have a 2003 Mk3 Mondeo. I have the black headlights which I did a year ago. But I am now seeking a change. The height adjusting motors work fine, there are no splits or cracks to the lenses. I would like to swap these for a standard set of headlights plus £40 cash. I am in Northamptonshire but could arrange for Leicestershire/Rutland area. Photos are of actual lights on the car. Call on 07957 660049.
  4. Black Eye Mod Help And Advice

    I did this last week, follow the wiki instructions, the sidelight lense pops out with the help of a small flat blade scredriver to prise the three clips off, allowing access to the screw. Prep is key, make sure you rub down every possible crevice, otherwise the paint will not adhere, and make sure you do all around the edges where the lense will sit in.
  5. This is a free upgrade for the Mondeo Mk3 Hatchback. As you will possibly know the rear tail lights comprise of three bulbs, 2 5 watt bulbs and one 21 watt / 4 watt bulb which is dual filament shared with the brake lamp - 21w. The 4w part is obviously dimmer than that of the 5w bulb. Having unsuccessfully tried to obtain a 21/5 w bulb with OFFSET lugs, (you can buy a 21/5w with lugs 180 degrees apart - opposite but not offset. So, get a 21/5w bulb, file off the top lug, the one closest to the glass, then using the original 21/4w bulb as a reference, put the new 21/5w bulb into the holder, the correct way. And there we have a circle of red light equal all the way around, no dimness, whilst still retaining the 21 watt brake light bulb. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LIGHTS BEFORE SETTING OFF, ENSURE THE BULBS HAVE BEEN FITTED THE RIGHT WAY ROUND, AND THE LIGHTS WORK PROPERLY. FOLD THE SEATS DOWN, AND YOU CAN SEE THE LIGHTS THROUGH THE BLACK PLASTIC COVERS.
  6. Rear Wheel Bearing?

    That will be Focus not a DOcus, maybe a new model name!!
  7. Rear Wheel Bearing?

    HI, I had the same issue with my 2000 Focus 2.0 16v. I bought the cover alone from Foed, and a magnetic ring, then I had to do the same to the other side, however there is a place near us that do the bearing and the magnetic ring etc for approx £30. The place I went to is Central Auto Supplies, places in Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough etc, good quailty bearing as well, I did fit some poor quality units but they didn't seem too good. Another thing as you say is pressing them out, I tried, couldn't do it but gave a local independent garage £15 and he pressed bearings in and out for both hubs. Be careful not to leave it to long before doing as the bearing will fail, mine did very rapidly, say 2 weeks, lots of wheel wobble and the abs sensot which is fixed throughthe back was damaged, it is a magnet but connected electrically and cost approx £120 from Ford, Ford part only, you can buy copy parts for approx £30 but do not know if it will work with the system, so bought one from a breakers for £1.00. Any others queries, just ask. Thanks
  8. My year 2000 Focus 2.0 16v is leaking oil, it is quite apparent that it is the yellow lube oil from the air con compressor. As there is no oil that clean or colour, in the engine, gearbox, brake system or power steering. I have replaced the O rings with the correct green O rings and of the same dimensions. The system refilled. However there is still fluid sitting on the bottom of the compressor, Looking at the prices of a compressor circa £400 Euro car parts, I guess I will be getting one from breakers or similar, can anyone reply if they have had a similar issue, what the problem was due to. I am not aware of any reputable specialists in the Northants area, so if you can help that would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Which Aftermarket Panel Air Filter?

    Did it make much difference to your performance, economy etc, thanks for your reply also.
  10. Hi, Can anyone personally recommend a performance panel air filter for the 2.0 16v Zetec Focus on a W plate. Instead of replacing at the usual service I would like to wash through and re oil if necessary depending on the filter manufacturer. I know that I will get very little in gains, but if running the car for many years and paying circa £8 for a filter then it will work out cheaper, based on £35 for an aftermarket filter. If I were to go down the road of induction, I then have to get cold air feed, possibly less miles per gallon. Thanks Dom
  11. I have recently discovered that there was a small quantity of clean oil dripping from the air con compressor unit, it was too clean for engine oil, not the smell of gearbox or brake fluid, initially I checked the 10mm head bolts around the compressor, but that did not solve the problem. Knowing that I am doing a cam belt change as well as the other items, I waited a few weeks, I have since reremoved the air con unit, the leak is from the aluminium mating face where the two pipes go into an aluminium piece which is held on with one 10mm head bolt, beware, undoing this bolt will lead to the de-pressuruisation and loss of all of your refrigerant, perhaps not too great for health or environment etc, so be aware!! With the pipes off, this exposes two green O rings, there was slight signs of leakage from one of the two ports. Looking on the net, there are many kits with various grenn O rings in, hoever Halfords do a kit of approx 10 O rings for £3.29, the size I wanted was in the kit, but only one of, so I had to but two kits, but still reasonable considering the air con is no longer leaking, also cleaned aluminium faces prior to re-assembly.
  12. Focus Cam Belt

    I have a 2000 W Focus 2.0 16V Petrol, and I am currently doing the cam belt, tensioner, idler, aux belt, coolant, thermostat, oil change and a leaking air con from the green O rings that are on the front of the unit. YYou can buy the green I=O rings from Halfiords for 3.29 a pack, though you have to buy two packs as the size you want only has one O ring in each pack, but it sorts the problem of the leak and at a good deal cheaper than a garage. I bought an engine locking kit made by Laser, on Ebay new and delivered for £12, local stockists want £20. It;s not a hard job, quite enjoyable and you can take your time, knowing that you are doing the work and to a decent standard. Good luck with yours, it isn't too bad,
  13. Usually within 1 minute of starting the car, however it can buzz whilst I have been driving for a few minutes, one of those intermittent faults. I have heard that IMRC Inlet manifold runner control units fail, however I do not have one located in either of the front wheelarches, that is not to say I do not have one. The buzzing lasts approx 20 seconds then it stops, I was wondering whether it could be a valve, could it be the Idle control Valve, this may cause the car to stall if it were malfunctioning perhaps? Thanks for your replies so far and anyone else whom can shed some light on an annoying and intermittent fault, I am sure other people have experienced this, I cannot be the only one.
  14. Hi, no there is no illumination on the dash for the alternator, the noise doesn't seem to be coming from that location. Thanks for you reply.
  15. Ford Focus 'W' plate. Zetec 2.o 16v Petrol. With engine running, regular intermittent buzzing noise, you would think it was the cooling fan, but it isn't. If allowed to idle the car stalls, if it buzzes whilst in traffic and I add just a few revs it goes soon after and doesn't cause the car to stall. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to mention that the car does not have two silencers, it just has the rear one, the centre one has a straight through pipe added at a later date, I mention this in the event that it could make a difference. Thanks