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  1. Abs Module Failure

    A further update as to where my complaint has ended up - precisely nowhere, as you would expect from Ford. My letter to customer services was "investigated" but was turned down. I then wrote directly to the Ford CEO, also the head of passenger vehicles and the head of spares. My letters found their way back to customer services who then re-opened the investigation and very unsurprisingly came to same conclusion as the first time round - my car is out of warranty and this is wear and tear. So as far as Ford is concerned my complaint is now closed and I am back at square one. I pointed out to them quite clearly that if such an expensive item can fail so early on in a car's lifespan then I am better off buying a Kia or Vauxhall who provide longer warranties and thus make it more economical to own. No reply to that line of argument! Geoff if you could let me know who at Watchdog you directed your letter to, and are happy to let me know the contents of it, I will send another letter to them and hopefully lend some additional weight to this issue. Emily good luck with the court action, I hope it goes well.
  2. Abs Module Failure

    Hi, came across this topic as I have just suffered the same fate - ABS module has gone and I am being quoted the best part of £1000 to have it repaired by a Ford dealer. I have a 2006 Fiesta that has only 13,000 miles on the clock and I cannot believe a major component like this has failed so soon - its practically a quarter of the cost of my car to replace! Does anyone have any advice on who to approach within Ford to lodge a complaint and demand a sizeable discount? As you can tell I am not a particularly happy camper at the moment.