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  1. Focus Alarm

    thanks for the advice i will give it a try moose man
  2. Focus Alarm

    Hi all can anybody advice me on how to activate the alarm on a ford focus mk1 2001 to see if it working it as doulble lock and i just wont to see if it working all so central locking is working on its own when in the car is this due to a loose conection on the switches or are thay fitted with a self locking when driveing as i know sum cars do have this option thanks moose man
  3. Wheel Swap

    hi all i have some 17inch tsw 5 spoke with to brand new tyres on and two still ok to swap for focus 15 inch alloys any body interested size 17 205 40 moose man
  4. Whats the going price for a second hand roof 2 yrs old thanks moose
  5. Focus 2Ooi

    Thanks tom MOOSER MAN
  6. Focus 2Ooi

    hI all new to the forum just brought myself a ford focus 2001 1.8 zetex need advice on what type of oil to use as it a 94000 on clock as i am used to the old cvh type engine as in my mark 5 1.4 caby but sorry to say cam belt went and i think its bent the valves but not sure havent put a new belt on yet hence buying a focus to get me back on road i know with the cvh type i used to put higher grade oil to protect the tappets going to try a new belt the weekend thanks moose man
  7. Newbie

    hi all just joined just got me self a ford focus after have my mk5 esscort cab for 8yrs and before that a mk1 and mk2 xr2 but the cam belt went on me escort so i brought the focus but as you can see i am old school so not used to the zetec engines thanks moose man