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  1. Fiesta St Mpg

    Lol cheeky but true :P Ah i think the restyled dash and trip computer would have been good but not the end of the world. I do have air con but not climate control (will come in handy in the summer). Not too worried about the lights as i want to change them anyway, i have found that they are not that great? So i am thinking of changing to chrome angel eye headlights, think the chrome will look better than black as the car is silver. Also might like to replace CD player with all in one CD/Sat Nav so i can connect my underseat sub which i miss terribly at the moment and also my ipod. Have already picked up a owners manual from Ford as did not come with one :) Kirst
  2. Hi - New In Surrey

    Hmmm...I still have those grey bumpers lol <_< but i must admit i do think they go with my silver ST.
  3. Hi - New In Surrey

    Wow...thats quite a list lol Sounds like it will be good though, it would be really good to see a before and after picture (just to see the full effect) :)
  4. Hi - New In Surrey

    Hi Welcome, the car looks nice. What do you plan to do to it?
  5. Christmas 2010 Meet?

    Erm...slightly dumb question as this is probably somewhere on site but couldn’t see it? Is there a Bedfordshire Rep? If not do i come under Hertfordshire or Northamptonshire as both are near? Or both
  6. Fiesta St Mpg

    Yeah it's pre-facelift. It’s a 2005 '05' plate so i have a different display. What is the difference then? I only test drove a few before getting this one and they were all pre-facelift? Have i made a mistake? I hope not but i do love the car and whatever it is missing i don’t seem to have noticed lol. I had a pug 106 before this and it was the basic of basic. The electric windows and CD player it came with was classed as really good extras lol so getting into my ST feels like pure luxury and driving it gives me thrills you can only imagine ;) So far i have got about near to 300 miles out of a tank, i did have about 40-50 miles left (this is approx as i have digital petrol display and this is two small bars) but i was not brave enough to see how much more i could get out of it (didn’t fancy running out of petrol along the A1). I must admit i was surprised not many ST's on here, i do understand they are older cars now and most have the Mk 7's but i see ST's all the time so they are out there? Oh well i guess we shall be the select few on here :D Kirst
  7. Fiesta St Mpg

    Hey Jack, 44.7mpg impressive, i dont think i will ever see that sort of mpg (and i dont expect to really with my heavy foot I mostly drive on the A1 as i drive 30 miles down it to work and back so i dont think it will be terrible. Unfortunately i dont have the same display as you so i have to workout the mpg the old fashion way and having had the cars for a couple of weeks i have worked out that i am getting approx 36.7 mpg which is not bad but also not really a true representation at the moment. Was just curious to see what others are getting. I agree with you very much, i did not buy this car for good mpg :P Are there many others on this forum with ST's? I notice it seems to be mainly Mk 7 Fiesta's?
  8. Car Values

    Yes i agree with that and they also in our experience failed to turn up to two appointments we arrange with them, needless to say we didnt bother after that.
  9. Fiesta St Mpg

    Hello all, Having recently bought a ST, i am wondering what sort of MPG i can expect out of it? Ford quotes an official combined figure of 38.2mpg, i just wanted to know if anyone else has a ST and what sort mpg you are getting? And dare i say it, is anyone getting better than that?
  10. Ford 'Figo' released...

    Thank goodness they didnt make the Mk 6 like that! I like the Mk 6 and i like the Mk 7 but i dont like them as one lol
  11. 2012 Mot Changes

    Ok i see. Yeah he got it done by a professional company and it came with a switch so you could have different settings and one of those setting puts it back as standard. So assuming this is ok, he could set it to standard before MOT? It does say on the Revo website "Switching back to stock allows you to �hide� the software from those that dont need to know about it." So could we get away with it? ;)
  12. 2012 Mot Changes

    Oh this is confusing? My husband drives a Seat Leon Cupra which he had Revo Stage 2 done earlier this year. As it was done professionally and we told his insurer straight away so he was covered i assumed this makes it legal. But my understanding from what you are saying now is that from January 2012 it wont be? As it wont pass the MOT? Is that correct? How is that fair?
  13. Hi Everyone

    Ugh...I didnt do it right, did i?
  14. Hi Everyone

    Hey, Sorry for the late reply. Have worked out how to upload pic now. Hopefully it has worked. She is perfect :P
  15. Hi Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I have literally joined this morning :) Bought my first Ford and picked it up yesterday lunch time, a Fiesta ST 05 plate (which i think makes it a mk6) please correct me if i'm wrong. Previous to that i had a pug 106 (only passed test 2 years ago) and needless to say i am over the moon with my new car Only let down is it didn’t come with owner manual? Anybody know where i could pick one up? I shall look forward to speaking to you all on here ;)