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  1. voice activation

    yes...its just not the phone but voice command as well...i.e climate temperature etc..
  2. voice activation

    yes I've tried that....
  3. voice activation

    wonder if any of you guys can help me out....press voice activation...can barely hear it (yes I have turned it up)..but it can hear me fine I can give voice commands. along with blue tooth phone calls...again they can hear me..but I can hardly hear them....any one had this problem and how was it resolved ?..thanks for the replies.
  4. Buying A Mk4 Mondeo...

    thanks for the replys so far...to be fair as soon as I buy the motor..its going straight to my local ford garage for a service and let them have a flick over it...then find out exactly what I brought...did that with my last mondy..the report was quite interesting...but in all fairness...the dealer I brought it from fixed all of fords recommendations.. B)
  5. thinking of buying a mk4...got 5k to play with or there abouts...looking for a 2ltr zetec or high spec titanium/ghia....hopefully one with low milage..though not really to fussed as i'm, in the camp of ..if its got to lowmilage then its been sitting around etc...but any way...what should I look out for..faults etc ..??....thanks for any help and pointers...
  6. Lost Key....

    ok..thanks for the reply....was hoping as we all do for a cheap fix...hay ho
  7. Lost Key....

    lost my remote key to my mk3 mondeo I've got the blue chipped key so I can still get in and out and start etc..but being the lazy sod that I am ..i'm after a new remote key...now do I have to go to ford and pay they're price's..? as I can find remote key cases on ebay but that's all they are...case's...also I've got a ob2 error code reader can I use that to reset the new key..?? :)
  8. Problem....

    thats what i'm thinking along them lines steve..any way..since it last happened i've not had any trouble(touch wood) i can hear the fuel being primed on the turn of the key so i don't think its the fuel pump..so at the mo i'm at a loss..thanks for you're answers guys... B)
  9. Problem....

    Hello guys/girls.. got a mk3 mondeo and got a problem..started a couple of weeks ago and only happened twice since..what it is..you drive the car stop do what you've got to do then back into the car turn the key tries to turn over get a couple of revs then dies...leave it for about 5-10 mins and it starts as if nothing has happened..by the way its 2ltr petrol zetec...could it be cam shaft sensor ?..fuel pump ?..thanks for you're help.. B)
  10. fantastic reply mtc... B) very helpful..thank you ;)
  11. arh...just got the same problem..i asked on the mondeo club thingy...so is it an easy thing to do..even for some one who's isn't mechanical minded ?
  12. Locking..

    have you got a link to this thread please ? B)
  13. Locking..

    hello...got a mk3 mondeo ...got a problem with the central locking..what's happening all the doors unlock and lock with the key apart from the passenger door..on which has to be done manually..you press the lock button on the key all the doors lock except this one..and the same when you unlock the car even when you put the key in the lock itself same thing..any ideas ??...thanks is this some thing i can tackle myself ?..as i don't really want to take it to garage for some thing thats probably simple to fix..
  14. got a 20001 mondeo zetec..on side front light is letting in water...theres a slight tare in the rubber seal just above the light could this be the cause ? ..as i thought the light is a sealed unit ?..looked for stone chip damage or any cracks but i'm fine there...any help appreciated thanks. B)
  15. Hello

    just joined the forum and say hello so....hello B)