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  1. Fiesta Frozen Doors

    Vaseline on the seals will stop the moisture settling and that is what freezes and causes the doors to stick. IMO
  2. It's the kinda thing I'd worry about when it stops working, until then ignore.
  3. Pipercross Hfic Installation

    I'm with the man above. Is there a parts list in the box so you can check it's all there?
  4. Warranty should cover the part if it's knackered, as long its been serviced as req'd and not low on oil when they checked the car, how on earth can they tell why it failed from a picture? Barstewards.
  5. Had A Play Around With Photoshop

    Pretty good for a first effort.
  6. Throwing Some Ideas Around

    Liking the alternative grill.
  7. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I've voted white although we bought black(second hand).
  8. K&n Or Pipercross Air Filter

    Can of worms post things like this are almost a personal preference, someone will pop up and tell you the "green cotton" filters are best. I reckon there is so little difference it comes down to cost/availability. ;) I have a K&N fitted simply cause we sell them at work and I get a discount.
  9. Fitting Wind Deflectors!....

    I had bother with mine at first, then I realised that the front bottom edge had dropped into the frame instead of sitting on the weather seal, popped it into the correct place, jobs a good un.
  10. Mk 8 Spare Wheel

    Also if you have no jack you can't remove the knackered wheel/tyre anyway, gone down the spare tyre and jack route myself, much prefer to have be safe rather than sorry. Besides foam won't sort all punctures.
  11. Display

    Who cares about gearshift arrows, my ears tell me fine.
  12. Which Tyre?

    I've used the paradas on a civic type r before and was happy with wet or dry, run them in well and keep the pressures correct, they will be fine.
  13. Display

    Thanks, mine has a three line display so must be different.
  14. Display

    Is the 09 display different from 2010, I can't remember seeing instant mpg and have a separate total miles on mine.?
  15. Standard Steel 15" Mk6 / Mk7 Wheels

    Hi, I'm after a 15" steel wheel so herself can have a spare, have you got a link to any of these ebay ads.?