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  1. I asked a question a few months ago about what tyres to go for on the 17" Zetec S Wheel. I currently have the factory fitted Bridgestone Potenza's 205/40R17 84V but was after something a little more chuncky to absorb all of the bumps. Has anyone fitted a different tyre to their car other than the 205/40/R17. I have read it can throw out the spedo and effect the brakes. So dont know if I should just stick with the same size and replace the tyres as a simple striaght swap. Cheers
  2. yes mate i had this with mine, it always seemed to be in the wind when it would fall off on the motoway and i would have to pull over otherwise i probably would loose it. The solution to this, but check first... are your sideskirts loose at the back. this was causing the problem with mine, as the sideskirts were not attached properly so the wind on the motoway was causing the sideskirt to blow therefore making the cap come loose and fall out. I gunned grip adhisive behind the sideskirt in the wheel arch area, and problem solved! Hope this helps.
  3. Easiest way without even cracking the bonnet open. For left foglight, put steering wheel on full right lock to expose wheel arch behing fog light. For right foglight, put steering wheel on full left lock to expose wheel arch behing fog light. There are 2 screws (could be 3) holding the thin plastic wheel arch in place which just pulls back when the screws are out. By pulling the wheel arch back, the rear of the foglight housing is exposed. Really easy to do, as ime always trying different foglights to match my xenons. Finally settled for 68 LED cluster bulb. Match perfect with a 55w 5000k Xenon Dipped Beam, and dont have much light output as there only 10w, so use them as day time running lights (have them on at night)
  4. Ime due some new tyres on my car soon, and ime not that sure how tyre sizes work. I.e can a bigger diametre tyre be bought for the 17" wheels on the Zetec s. At the moment i have the factory fit "Bridgeston Potenza's" which are really good spec tyres, but looking at the different options, as there not a cheap tyre ! Can i have maybe a more chuncky tyre fitted to the wheel? Let me know your opinions please and what tyres you have changed to. Many thanks
  5. Although I have the titanium, it looks identical to the Zetec S with the dress up kit, 17" wheels and leather seats. I do belive it sits 10mm higher than the ZS, so imagine that it has the softer suspension. To me, long journeys are really comfortable (Liverpool - Birmingham etc) as motorways are good quality roads. The uncomfortable rides are found with city driving. The low profile tyres pick up every bump in the road. As for pot holes, whenever i have gone over one the noice is enough to make me think ive buckled the wheel! Speed bumps are a pain as the fiesta being a small car means it does not fit over the "square hump" type very well. Rattles and shakes can be found when driving on normal city roads due to the low profile tyres. Motorway driving for me is the most comfortable.
  6. Personally i would never have a car without leather seats. As for being sticky, i think they are completly the opposite. Dont get me wrong they can make the car hotter when parked in the sun, but there not sticky. There so easy to keep clean with any marks wiping off rather than scrupping and fading cloth. Not only that they make the interiour looks far better and more executive, despite them only being on a fiesta.
  7. Sorry i did mean dipped beam, I didnt mean high beam :) But yes, as i have HIDS's fitted it would be a nice feature if they came on when unlocking, just like the new vauxhalls do.
  8. correct me if ime wrong but i dont belive there is a place where the air con actually "drains off". I think its just that the condensation actually drips of the air con unit, onto the road as it gets so cold compared to the outside ambient temp. As regards to the recirc vent i cant help :|
  9. Like on many new cars, its a pretty neat feature when the main beam lights come on when you unlock the car. I know the fiesta parking lights come on when unlocking so its halfway there. But has anybody wired them up so that the main beam come on aswell as the parking lights (side lights). Thanks
  10. One of my mates has the titanium wheels on his car, and buckled the front wheel failry badly down a pot hole in the bad weather. It was noticable when driving and unbarable at speeds over 40mph For a quick fix we put it on the back to see if it made any differance, while waiting for a claim from the city council for damage. 3 months down the line, you wouldnt know it was buckled and its still on the back. So in answer to your question you might find that putting it on the back you will not notice it atall, however its not really advised. However, many fiesta owners seem to have buckeled wheels for some time and only find out when they take it into ford garages.
  11. I believe it is worth the hassle, as when an accident it made, and you come to renew next year, one of the questions asked when you declare that you have made a claim is "how much was the final settlement/cost of damage" this then contributes to how much your renewal price is. So by being over charged for insurance work, when it could be a few hundread less will infact cost more in the long run, i.e renewal price. Therefore, justifying why it pays to "go around and get quotes" and yes, being ripped off.
  12. Youve defo improved the car, starting to look great, as someone posted, needs some colour coding to take the "LX" or "finnesse" feel away from it, if your going for the ST look. I thought you said you had repaired you ST bumper? did you patch in the fog lights while doing it haha, imho it looks far better with the fog lights :| Great job tho
  13. More shithead comments towards a simple question. Okay maybe a poll wasnt needed and someone could of just answered saying "no it doesnt lock" but to post your typical sarcastic and non friendly comments never fail to make me wonder were you perhaps bullied at school maybe? Ive never been on a forum like this one. Clickly shower !