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  1. :( :( :( HI there I have a ford focus ST170 fitted with Xenon headlamps as standard. I noticed a few oncomimg motorist was flashing me at night i.e. dip your headlights you P***********R. I then noticed that the dip beam does appear to be high against the background, I know that these are self levelling in operation and consist of a couple of level sensors on each axle and a control module to make them work. The car just had a MOT in the last fortnight and the lights were ok then. Has anybody had this type of problem with ford focus Xenon headlamps???? Is this a module fault or a level sensor fault, I assumimg that both headlamps are working ok since both are affected??????? your thoughts are much appreciated regards :o :o :o
  2. Spark plug gap for ST170

    Thanks a lot for the information
  3. Spark plug gap for ST170

    Thanks for that bit of info regards G Jones
  4. Hello there Does anyone know the spark plugs gap for a ST170 ?? I had a look at the Ford Technical disc (TIS) but cannot find it anywhere. I found the torque for the spark plugs and it's 15NM. hope to hear from somebody soon.
  5. ST170 brakes

    I fitted new rear discs and pads this afternoon, it solved the problem. Used Ford origional parts, worst job was to push back the piston in the caliper. Your suppose to use a special ford tool, I got away with a 4" G clamp, made for the job, allthough it required a lot of effort to push the piston back. Happy motoring ps Thank god for forum's, saves a fortune in the end and a real satisfaction of doing and solving the problem yourself. Gwyn
  6. ST170 brakes

    DTI checks on each corner Front off-side 0.03mm Front near-side 0.03mm Rear off-side 0.02mm Rear near side 0.45mm It was obvious when I jacked up the car (Rear-near side), that this was the culprud, the wheel was binding when Hand turned at one particular point, Further investigation showed a deviation of .45mm at this point for approx 12cm. Have ordered some discs today and hopefully put them on Tuesday evening. The brakes on this corner must have been running hot, hence affecting the performance & MPG. Thanks again Mintalkin regards G Jones
  7. ST170 brakes

    Thanks again mintalkin. Will borrow a DTI from work midweek, will post the result hopefully by the weekend. regards Gwyn
  8. ST170 brakes

    Hi mintalkin What's the max +/- in mm/thou (run out) you would expect to get on a dial guage reading before rejecting the discs. kind regards Gwyn
  9. ST170 brakes

    thanks for that info mintaklin I'll source some discs this week, my previous car did 127,000 (9" solid discs) miles with the same discs, so much for 300mm vented discs brakes
  10. ST170 brakes

    Hi there, new to the forum but not to Fords Problem with the brakes, ford focus ST170, coming to a stop from around 20-15mph to 0, you can feel the brake pedal pumping (not fast, around once a second). Is this an abs sensor fault or warped front discs, the car has just covered 27,000. Any suggestions or experiences with this type of problem Gwyn