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  1. Power Steering Fluid Level

    Yes mate you can top it up yourself.Halfrauds sell it as do other motor factors. Just make sure your car has been stood for few hours before so you get proper level in power steering reservoir :D
  2. Hello

    Hi Jenna welcome to foc.See you've got the best colour fezz :D
  3. Hello

  4. Smokey Focus

    Hi all, have had my mk1 1.6 petrol focus for about 3 months now.Recently noticed it was smoking quite a bit under load and thought worse case senario valve guides and or rings. Looked under bonnet and noticed near coil pack there was a black plug socket only a fraction not pushed fully home.After pushing it in it has cured the smoking exhaust.I wonder why but am obviously pleased. Frank. :D
  5. Cht Sensor

    Hi all got slight fault with my focus mk1 1.6 petrol.When it,s cold or been left for hour or so the idle becomes uneven and the revs start hunting.It runs ok when warm.Checked ICV and it seemed alright quite clean.My first focus had same fault and it turned out to be CHT sensor.I wondered what you guys thought.Thanks in advance Frank. :D
  6. Focus Keys

    Have two keys for my mk1 focus.The 3 button remote key seems to be worn compared to the non - remote spare key. Can anyone suggest the cheapest way to replace the remote key. Thanks in advance frank :D
  7. Noticed recently that my focus seems to make a metallic grinding noise when nearly on full lock.Wondered if any of you car nuts had an idea what it could by.Garage had a quick look but said they could'nt find anything wrong.Thanks in advance Frank. :D
  8. Does anyone know how to fix roof bars on a 5dr mk1 focus.Unscrewed the two plastic screws under the rubber door strip but can't seem to work it out.Thanks in advance. :)
  9. How's Your Car In Snow ?

    Got a 2003 1.6 focus and yes it skids like anything in this snow.I also carry a spade in the boot, just incase i have to bury a body ;)
  10. Focus Plugs

    Changed the sparkplugs on my focus 1.6 mk1 petrol today and noticed the insulator was an orange colour. Can anybody explain why they are that colour.Thanks in advance. :D
  11. Hi Everyone!

    Hello crid04.Nice looking focus mate. :D
  12. Focus Plugs

    Going to be changing the plugs on my focus 1.6 petrol mk1 soon.Wondered if motorcraft are the best bet and if i can buy them from motor discount shop not main dealer. Thanks. :D
  13. Focus Tickover

    Hiya all.Brought my second focus 2003 1.6 petrol about a week ago and have noticed once it's warmed up it starts to idle uneven.Wondered if anyone's got an idea as to why it does that.Thanks in advance.Focus frank.
  14. Newbie

    Hi all you ford lovers.Just to say a nice big hello to you all. :D