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  1. Roof Mounted Dvd Player????

    Cheers for your thoughts, makes sense really. It was just as found the base unit for £90, but would need mounting plate, loom, headphones and remote! So would probably add up! Was just a thought. Thanks again!
  2. Ford Fusion 1.4 Tdci

    I would also be interested in this!!
  3. Roof Mounted Dvd Player????

    Hi there, Have just purchased an 04 fusion 1.4tdci. Got 2 Kids and looking to fit a dvd player. Are these easy enough to get hold of and fit?? I have found one for sale, but it is just the unit itself, no mounting plate, loom or headphones. Are these parts readily available and at what cost. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Hi all, Just purchased an 04 Fusion 2 1.4tdci, will collect it on Tuesday. I also drive a Vectra SRI 2.2 Petrol, so am looking forward to the nice high mpg. What are the general thoughts on these cars?? Have seen a roof mounted DVD player that can be fitted, are these easy enough to find and fit? Sorry for all the questions so early on. Looking forward to learning about our new car and sharing advice, Kristen