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  1. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what tools I need in order to loosen the drivers seat and get to the adjuster. Sorry to mither but I need to sort it fairly quickly and don't want to get stuck without the right tools. thanks
  2. Just found this thread which sort of answers my question but then raises another, http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3666 do I need to do anything regarding the airbag before I undo the seat fixings? Was just planning to undo the fixings and tilt the seat to allow access to the adjuster, see if I can wind it down for now until I can get someone to swap the motor from my old car. As I'm sure you will have gathered I am a complete novice so any guidance would be appreciated, is it likely to be an hours work or do I need to set half a day aside? I just need the seat lower so I can drive the car, happy to sort the rest at a later date. thanks again
  3. thanks for that mintalkin, do you know if they are easy to swap? I still have the other car and the one on that works, I'm 6'5" so I need the room, thanks again for the info.
  4. Just bought the car and the driving position isn't great, when using the up/down button on the side of the seat I can hear the motor run but the seat doesn't move, any guidance as to what this may be, a simple job or a new mechanism, would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Aplogies, should have said its a 52plate 2.0 LX TDCi. I could also do with knowing if it will have a timing chain or belt and if it's a chain would I still be best advised to have it changed like I did the belt on my last one. cheers