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  1. 3 And 6 Year Dpf Cost

    Really...I thought they needed fluid top-ups......so are the DPFs fitted to Fiestas the newer ceramic wrapped type that dont need expensive regen fluids...? Thanx Ken
  2. Id double check you MPG.....these boxes are fooling the high pressure pump into putting more fuel pressure into the fuel rail...in other words more fuel for a given signal the ECU is asking for. The ECU still thinks its injecting standard fuel rate and doesnt know about the extra fuel going in.....the MPG figure shown on the dash is based on this false assumption by the ECU...... Driven steady the MPG should be SLIGHTLY better......the adverts advertising big MPG increases from plug in boxes are complete fiction im afraid. Ken
  3. Great guide...... Just another note....anyone who has access to a ramp....you can also gain access to the plug from under the car. Ken
  4. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    Well mine is 100% related to the latch......if I get someone to push down on a closed boot...it makes the exact noise....adjustung the latch does alter the noise. Ive found the boot latch must line up perfectly with the 2 rubber/plastic guides in the latch that you alter on the car side. Im still investigating....ill report back any progress.... Ken
  5. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    Hi there Does anyone else have a creaking boot on thier MK7 Fiesta...? If so does anyone know what the fix is cos its driving me mad..... Thanx Ken
  6. Map Sensor

    It depends if your car is DPF or not....! Ken
  7. Thats very possible if his car is a diesel.... Ken
  8. Get your dealer to check the latest firmware is in your bluetooth unit in the car.......im using HTC desire on 2.2 and it works perfectly..... Ken
  9. Help :) Electronics On Car Dying!!!

    Well all the components of the sound system talk to each other by a type of CAN-BUS system.....there is likley to be either a genuine fault with one of the units....the main CD unit hidden behind the stereo buttons or the BT unit up behind the glovebox.....or a loose cable....id have a "fiddle" around and make sure all plugs are connected and fitted right..... Ken
  10. Titanium Sony Radio

    You need....... To cut the end off a loom which had the sony unit fitted as standard in order to get the plug needed as you cannot get it from ford Then order a parrot patch lead that you would use to fit one of their hands free kits in order to get the sockets needed Then you need the wiring diagram for the fiesta audio system...... Then get the soldering iron out and make a conversion lead up..... It took for ever....and if you get it wrong you can damage the headunit...display.....bt unit....or all 3..... Ken
  11. Titanium Sony Radio

    Erm.....that is a comment from someone who has done the swap...... Ken
  12. Bluetooth Conectivity With Android 2.1

    My misses had a Wildfire whilst her Legend got fixed...yes worked fine.... Ken
  13. Bluetooth Conectivity With Android 2.1

    I can tell you 100% that the HTC Desire and Legend work 100% with phone book showing on the stereo display...also playing music via bluetooth works perfectly....BUT....i will say....problems are far more likley to be the cars bluetooth firmware needing updating...as a friend of mine had problems with his Desire until he got the cars firmware updated by the delaer... Ken
  14. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Devil Eyes

    Im liking this idea......and actually have enough pure white SMD L.E.D.s to try out a few ideas on one headlight unit.....ill report back tommorrow with pictures.... Ken
  15. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Devil Eyes

    Interesting idea......are you able to show more pictures of the headlight unit so we can see how / were you mounted the LEDs...... Thanx Ken