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  1. Ford Ka Digital Crunch

    I was coming out of a "minor" road onto a "major" road, and the third party was travelling with there indicator on, moved over the white chevrons to turn up to where i was coming out of, I proceded as everyone who does that with there indicator on turns, they then proceded and spun my vehcile, also the speed is 30 up until after the junction I was at, and from then it goes to National. So If they were travelling at 30 they would not of spun me. Anyway it has £4500 pounds worth of damage, but has been authorised for a repair, so currently travelling around in a 11 plate fiesta.
  2. Right I was involved in an accident on Tuesday (29/11/11), and my little baby got battered. I just wondered how much you guy's think it would have been worth before the accident bearing in mind its a 60 plate (November) and had/has just over 4500 miles on the clock and was in pristine, and if you've had a gander at my pics it's a dig in strobe, and still gather it's the only on of it's kind. ( if that helps) Also I've has an estimate from the garage it's at, that the cost to have it repaired is £4000 Just waiting for the insurer's to get back to me on whether there going ahead with it or writing it off :( If they did write it off how much would the settlement be? And I'm praying it isn't written off!! Any comment's would be greatly recieved
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  5. Hi all Newbie here Have a brand new KA Digital in Strobe Love it to pieces Would love to see it with other digital's if there are any out there.