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  1. RetroCoder

    Rear windscreen washer problem

    I undid the trim and it was the push connector that had come apart. It's now back together with some added tape. Thanks for you help, this saved me a lot of time :)
  2. I have Mondeo (not the current model but the one before). I think the tube connecting to the rear window washer has become disconnected. I was using it the other day when the water stopped coming out of it (and spraying the glass) but I then noticed water appearing by the offside rear seat belt. I’m assuming the pipe has come off and is pumping water through the bodywork of the car. My question is, how easy is it to remove the external water squirter to see if the pipe is connected ? I don’t want to ram a screw driver under it if it isn’t easy to remove. :(
  3. I've lost the locking wheel nut key and paper work for my Fiesta Ghia (2004 model). Any one recommend a tool to remove them ?