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  1. Heater stuck on hot.

    And still blowing hot in the new positions. :D Impatience and being ham fisted doesn’t go well together. I think his motto is 'If it's not broke, break it'. He's now got as far as removing the panel in the drivers footwell. Speedy is not his first name.
  2. Heater stuck on hot.

    Thanks for that mintalkin. Checked Hayne's again and lo and behold the heater is shown in section 3.8. Must have missed it when scrolling through the pages on screen. :( Fuses all OK so will check the snder unit as you suggest. Fingers crossed he/I will be able to fix it soon.
  3. Heater stuck on hot.

    My son recently purchased a 97 (P) Reg. Mondeo 2.0 GLX Auto. He's noticed 1. the heater blows hot air only regardless of where the control is set. (he started to pull the control knobs off, to see if he could fix it, but the temperature one wouldn't budge, it now turns completely round, either way). 2. the temperature guage doesn't work (although he said he's sure it did on the test drive). He borrowed a Hayne's Manual but that hasn't been any help. Could anyone suggest what to look for and where/how to get to the necessary parts. Thanks in advance. BC