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  1. Using Jumper Leads

    Many thanks. I assume that that method is the one described in the owner's manual?
  2. I was wondering how safe it is to use jumper leads now to start a car with a flat battery. Last night my son's Megane died on him and I ran out with my Mondeo 2.0 TDCi. I have avoided using jump leads since the introduction of electronic control units and other sophisticated electronic chips in case a surge damages these. However, I am not sure if I am worrying unnecessarily? I am not bothered about the Megane frying, but I would rather not lose my Mondeo. :)
  3. Mondeo Remote Key Dead

    It did work. Thanks for the help, Stoney. BTW.......checked the handbook and it does not tell you how to reset the keys. Only advises to contact the dealer.
  4. Mondeo Remote Key Dead

    Thanks, Stoney871. I'll give it a go and let you know how it turns out.
  5. I have an 08 2.0TDCI and my spare remote has failed. I seldom use it but when I tried over Christmas it was dead. It opens manually and starts the car OK but it won't deactivate the alarm and unlock the doors remotely. Tried replacing the battery but no difference. Anyone know if there is anything else I can try or is the key just dead? The other key works fine.
  6. 2007 Mk 6 Fiesta Brake Light Access

    Yep, and I have managed to replace the bulb. There were 2 pins on the outer edge of the light unit that needed to be carefully prised away from the body.
  7. I have tried to replace my wife's brake light on a 2007 Mk 6 Fiesta. The manual as usual is useless in providing guidance. I have searched on this site and others for guidance and have read that there is a concealed wing nut behind the carpet inside the boot, however, I cannot find it on my wife's car. There is an access point to a wiring loom which appears to be connected to the light unit but no wing nut. When I remove the 2 torx screws, the unit swings up slightly but seems to be held at the outside edge of the unit (the one away from boot seal). Can anyone help with this, I am reluctant to pay a fortune for a simple bulb change.
  8. Fiesta Washer Pump Seal?

    My daughter has a 58 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec and had it in for service today. The Ford dealer advised that she needed a number of things including a washer for her washer pump. Thye said there was a risk that water could get onto the plugs! This stumped me and the only thing that I could think of was the washer jet nozzle seal? Does anyone know what this problem could be? She has told them not to do the work. They wanted £30 for what seemed an unnecessary and costly job. They are also taking £54 for a set of plugs! Does that seem reasonable? Sounded a bit high to me but then the last time that I changed a set of plugs, they cost about £10 a set of 4!
  9. Fuel Filter Fault?

    It was a Ford filter as far as I know. At least they have marked the service record that it was Ford parts that were used.
  10. Fuel Filter Fault?

    I don't know whether it is metal or cartridge. Is it possible that improper replacement could cause the acceleration to feel a bit lumpy?
  11. Fuel Filter Fault?

    I recently had my 2008 Mondeo Zetec 2.0 TDCI serviced and was told by the garage that they had problems getting the car started after they replaced the fuel filter. They contacted Ford who admitted that this was a known fault. Since the service, I have felt that the performance is a bit lumpy and that there is increased engine noise. Is anyone aware of this issue and exactly what the problem is? Also, how often should the fuel filter be changed and what is involved in doing this? I am not sure if the garage is making this up. I have certainly never had a problem before and this is the 3rd service. The car has done 30k miles.
  12. Opened the bonnet today on my 2008 2.0TDCI but now can't get the bonnet to shut completely. It sits ib the lock on the safety catch but won't close completely. All parts seem to be moving and I have pushed the cable release back to make sure the cable has returned but no difference. Any ideas
  13. Faulty Instruments

    It was a faulty ABS module. £780 for Ford to replace.
  14. Faulty Instruments

    My wife's 07 Fiesta Zetec has recently developed some problems with its instrument cluster. A few weeks ago the brake and ABS warning lights came on. Then the engine warning light came on. We had the car checked out by a local garage and they explained that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. They checked the engine management system and all was OK. After they had looked at the car, the lights stayed off for a week. The ABS light has now come back on but the speedo has also stopped working. Anyone know what the problem is? I thought that speedos still operated mechanically - I guess I'm a bit out of date!