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  1. Where Is Tailgate Release Button? Estate 05 Mk2

    I'd be interested in how you got on, and if it fixed it!
  2. Side Window Rubbers Not Clearing Window

    Thank you for this, I was wondering if it was a design thing because even the back ones are the same and I've never seen this before on all the (really) old cars I've driven in the past. So - is this a garage only thing and any ideas how much? Or even what the things are called when I try to describe them to the parts guy? Many thanks - Katie
  3. Where Is Tailgate Release Button? Estate 05 Mk2

    Hi there, they said it was a quick job and I'm sure he said £50 all in.
  4. Where Is Tailgate Release Button? Estate 05 Mk2

    Thank you APJ I hope you are sorted now. I did ring a Ford garage which quotes £32 for the switch plus fitting, if it comes to it, I think I will invest in another remote key so I don't run into difficulties when the battery needs changing. From reading up on it it seems that water seeping into the unit is the cause of the problem.
  5. Hi there, Just bought an 05 plate Focus Estate, just trying to sort out the niggles. Any ideas on this one, when the driver and passenger side electric windows are misty, or very wet, I usually clear them by opening and closing the window however, on this car the windows go up and down and the rubber blades down't touch them, they come back up with the mist/droplets of water completely unmoved - what do I need to do? Replace the rubbers? Can't find anything on google.
  6. Where Is Tailgate Release Button? Estate 05 Mk2

    Thank you for your fast reply - I really appreciate it (paranoid newbie owner). Is there a sequence to make these buttons work, as I've tried pressing one, and both, with all the doors unlocked and nothing happens.
  7. Hello - I've just bought a Ford Focus Estate 05 plate, Mark II (New shape), and I can't find a button on/near the dash to open the boot. Luckily the keyfob opens the boot, but that appears the only way. Is there a concealed button on the dash? Lowdown on the RH drivers side there is an outlet a bit like a computer port, do I have a button missing? I don't want to rely just on the keyfob, what happens when the batteries suddenly run out? I've tried pressing the two buttons under the rubber handle on the boot, but they are not working either.