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  1. Abs Module Failure

    Well, good luck with taking them to court, keep us updated on how you get on. Surprise surprise the garage said it was the ABS module, and quoted me £650 to replace. Forced to take it to a local ford garage as other garages in the area could only install it and plum it in, but not program it (apparently). Rang up on friday to ask him to keep the original abs module for me, so I can check it has actually been replaced and also I want to have a look at it myself. Weirdly, after I requested this he told me that the technition had already looked at the old module and could find no signs of water ingress............. werid. So on monday when I pick the car up again I'm going to ask why it failed. Can't help but think this is Ford trying to cover their own arses. Spoke to Ford, and with no surprise was told they didnt want to know. Because the car is 4 years old they pretty much consider any failure to be down to wear and tear, so no goodwill gesture from them. Anyway, have written to watchdog about it, just incase they get other people contacting them with the same problem and I plan to get rid of the car in the new year before the whole engine falls out the bottom of the !Removed! thing. Certainly will be doing my up-most from now on to deter everyone I know from buying a Ford. Hope a few £100 was worth all the bad publicity they will get from me. Good luck Emily, let us know how you get on.
  2. Abs Module Failure

    Hi all, Looks like I'll soon be able to add myself to this list. I have a 56 reg fiesta zetec s, 32,000 miles, full ford service history. About a month ago, when on it's MOT I was told the drivers side coil spring had snapped! Which is a joke on a car this old (and I drive carefully to avoid potholes etc), that cost me £150 to replace, so was hoping that was the end of it. Barely used the car for another 2 weeks, then ABS warning light came on, brake warning light, trip computer went blank and speedo stopped working. From reading on here and on other sites, it looks as if its going to be a faulty ABS module. Managed to get my car back home and left ignition on 1st turn. These lights went off about 10 mins later, so I hoped it had sorted itself, but tried the car again today and upon starting, the same problems have arrised again! Havent had it put on a diagnostic yet, but I know whats coming. Can't believe that they havent identified this as a fault and agreed to replace. Please let me know if you get any luck with ford customer services. Once I've found out exactly what it is, I'll let you know. Would be interesting where we stand with trading standards, may end up refferring it to watchdog. I bet for every post on the net identifying this problem, you probably have 50+ people just paying up and not challenging it. Had a number of problems with this car from new, the build quality is awful, so definately won't be buying another ford. Geoff