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  1. ok all, i know im leaving the blue oval gang but i have been reading up on my new motor to be. on the quashqi as all oilers of all car makes know the dpf can be a real heartbreaker. i have just come across this thread on a qq forum, now this is todays posts however this may be a step in the right direction for dpf problems. the forteuk product is endorsed by a previous seller to major lease companies. it seems the jlm product reduces the burn temperature of diesel soot to around 150 deg c so its easier to burn off even on short journeys. see the products and jlm testimonials and comment! http://www.jlmlubricants.com/ http://www.jlmlubricants.com/images/stories/pdf/DPF_filter_cleaner_test_results.pdf http://www.forteuk.co.uk/product.php?id=51/Advanced_Formula_Diesel_Treatment
  2. if the belt change is recommended @ 5 years then i would get it done. relatively cheap birthday for your beloved and you get piece of mind :)
  3. taffg

    Goodbye Trusty Steed

    artscot79 thanks for the vote of confidence, i know i'm taking a punt but i rekon its well worth it. however the wife now informs me its her qashqai until it needs insuring taxing etc etc, and catch glad you found barafundle bay and dont forget the lilly ponds at bosherston with a fantastic cup of real welsh tea (glengettie) and scones and cream. just looked up the tax for the qashqai £115 for the year, s plate petrol 1.2 clio £130 somebodys havin a laugh :)
  4. taffg

    Goodbye Trusty Steed

    bottletree you can lob as many custard pies at the houses in tenby, but you will miss mine by several miles :) have a cracking time in tenby you can get seriously sqiffy in that place. best beach in pembrokeshire barafundle bay, research and enjoy! catch its a physiological thing and i couldnt afford a kuga, i have always had fords from my mk1 escort to present but its time to try out the competition, will stay around to tell you all obout it, but hope to stay in touch with the ford community :)
  5. taffg

    Ford Ka Stereo Removal And Code

    ok you can try and press 6 and 1 or 6 and 2, now this may give some data on the radio display, post the data to see if we can see a serial number in the data. if you need to remove the radio unit chiil out, its no biggie see here www.fitaudio.com and watch a video of how to remove your unit, all you need to do is put your unit model in to see the video. you will need radio removal keys, ensure you get the correct ones for your model of radio, they cost pennies available from any half decent factors and halfrauds. once you have the serial number post it here and some one will be able to help you out. see below for inputting code TO ENTER THE SECURITY KEYCODE FOR A FORD Switch the ignition ON using the key Switch Radio ON - Display Shows CODE with " - - - - " flashing Press Preset Button " 1 " repeatedly for 1st Digit of your KeyCode Press Preset Button " 2 " repeatedly for 2nd Digit of your KeyCode Press Preset Button " 3 " repeatedly for 3rd Digit of your Keycode Press Preset Button " 4 " repeatedly for 4th Digit of your Keycode If the display now shows the correct KeyCode number then Press Preset Button " 5 " to Enter. ok then charge daughter for several pints of bombardier and enjoy ok :)
  6. taffg

    Goodbye Trusty Steed

    well after eleven years trusty service, apart from tin foil rear wheel bearings, i'm chopping my mk1 in for a quasqi 1.5 dci. the focus is nice and low, with a stiff ride, and goes round corners like its on rails, however after a long run i have to pour myself out of it, eat two brufen and drink several pints of bombadier. its the old bones you see. hope i can still pop along and make a contribution, once my imminent house move is completed. :)
  7. taffg

    All Ford Models

    am trying to get some more info about this from my workmate, he cannot remember the name of the project but it was featured in a ford in house magazine. he also believes two other major manufacturers are also looking down the same path. will update when i can.
  8. taffg

    Faulty Ford =(

    the sensor maybe covered by a cover, simply unclip it from the sensor. the sensor is retained in position by a bolt, loosen this and unclip the sensor wiring plug. now remove the sensor and the spacer if fitted. it is vital that the new sensor is refitted with the spacer to ensure you have clearance from the flywheel. if your crankshaft sensor was trashed then it would not transmit the necessary data to the ecu, and the ecu would not be able to determine the engine speed thus basically it could not determine the firing order or ignition timing, hence it would die!
  9. taffg

    Radio Code

    3092 :)
  10. maybe the idle control valve, however try cleaning out the throttle housing body first for any gunk. have the air and fuel filter been changed in the last year if not then do these to eliminate the obvious.