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  1. My car has done 91,000 miles and is now beginning to make clonks and other noises which seem to be coming from the rear though sometimes from the front as well. This does not happen on every bump I hit. Any suggestions as to what the most likely cause is? Thanks Garth
  2. Faulty Egr Valve?

    My engine light came on on Christmas eve, and the power is down. I took it to the dealer today, they said the codes were showing an EGR fault, they cleared the codes and i drove it home. They are quoting about £250 for a new valve and £3~4 for the clamp and gasket, plus £45 ish to fit and £30 to program it. On the drive home the power is still down and the light has come back on. I have several questions. First can you clean this valve or is it only fixable by replacement? Secondly does it have to be programmed, and if it does as i intend to fit the new valve if i have to fit a new one can you drive it before it is programed? Thirdly any recommendations on pattern parts as i can't afford £250 right now. Lastly what OBDII code reader do you recommend as i intend to buy one to stop having to pay the dealer. Thanks in advance. Garth
  3. 07 Fiesta 1.25 Duratec Stiff Gearchange

    I had exactly the same with my 57 plate MK6.5 1.6 Zetec Tdci. There is a bush that tightens up when it gets hot and makes the gear shift stiff when going backwards and forwards, but not side to side, it use to happen after about 12 miles, then was fine at the end of the day before my journey home, until i had done 12 miles and hey presto back to stiff changes. The good news is that it is a part that is easy to replace and not too costly. You can't buy just the bush, you have to buy a rod which is about £37 ish and the Ford dealer took about an hour to fit it. I could have done it myself but didn't have a Haynes manual at the time so i let them do it. Total bill was about £60. I hope this helps. Juppy