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  1. Had my car serviced early August, charging system checked, battery was OK and alternator was charging OK. Car ran good for a week after the service and told to bring it back when the faults are present. You know when you have that feeling something is not right, one thing I noticed was the throttle was not as fluid as it used to be, I kept getting the P0622 fault if I launched the car from a stand still and then the dreaded derate kicked in. On one of my runs the charge light started to flicker etc and I thought nothing of it until the alternator started to whine and I was far from where I needed to be, 2 miles from my destination the smell hit me from the alternator then dashboard lit up like a christmas tree, just about every electrical component shut down, steering, ABS. It was a tense moment as the steering is not light and the throttle was all over the show. By the time I parked the battery was dead, the car had been running off the alternator and would not even wind the window up. Disconnected the battery after I parked it just to be safe. AA chap came out, put some power to the alternator and used his heat gun to check the temp on the alternator, the windings were getting hot hence the burning smell earlier. Towed the car to the dealer the next morning. New Denso alternator fitted and a new Ford battery. I have not had any issues, the little gremlins have not surfaced. As for the wire on the fuel filter housing it has been plugged back in, I forgot what it is for! In hindsight I should have changed the alternator and battery when I had the car serviced, given the age it would have done no harm apart from my wallet and I would habe avoided the "drama" that unfolded. The risk of fire is something to consider as well.
  2. Thanks, I've had a look aound the engine bay and nothing out of the ordinary sticks out. I have found a pin 2 plug on the top of fuel filter housing unplugged, most likely from the last service. Is this the fuel heater as in the wiring diagram this is the only 2 pin connector related to fuel?
  3. Hello, Have a bit of an odd one here and I think the issue is electronic / electric rather than mechanical Had the cruise control on on the motorway and all of a sudden the speed starts dropping, checked I wasn't climbing, hit the + button, no speed increase, pressed the throttle peddle down, no response, cruise off, throttle peddle down still nothing, by now I've made my way to the slow lane, drop a gear, throttle peddle down and still nothing so I coast to the nearest SOS box and stop, pressed the throttle peddle down the engine responds like nothing happened. I shut it down, checked under the bonnect for anything unsual such as smoke, loss of fluids etc. Decided to carry on with my journey and put the cruise back on, about 20 mins later same thing again, Pulled over, throttle responds so carried on again without shutting down and didn't use the cruise for the remainder or my journey, 30 mins later got home put my scanner on and found P0489 logged. Very much doubt the EGR valve has failed but itis possible that the sensor is not happy. Didn't reset code as I was going to call Ford Assist (included with the dealer service) out in the morning. Got up early, had a nose around the bonnet and nothing stood out, started the engine up and noticed that the charge light stayed on, scanner back on, P0622 was now logged. Called Ford Assist, AA came out, explained the above and we both agreed it's not mechanical, while the charge light was still on noticed that none of the heated screens would come on, A/C disabled understandably so. EGR sensor connector was clean, battery termnials OK, same on alternator, system was charging OK. Has not had a full charging test done. After coming up empty handed the only thing left to do was clear the codes and that was the end of it. I have been up and down the motor way during day light hours and the odd late evening running and I have not had the throttle peddle lock out on me. This was last sunday, 70 mile trip from A to B and a fuel stop 20 miles in. Last night same journey, slightly longer due to an accident and detour, 10 miles to go and on cruise the bug struck again, came off at my exit and knowing what I know, as soon as I come to a rest the throttle peddle will come to life. Got to the traffic lights and as I guessed, throttle peddle responded, got home OK, scanner on and P0489 was logged. The only difference was last night I didn't use any of the heated windscreens but I had 2 fuel stops, one just in case because of the detour and the second when I got to my regular shell stop. Last night the night time running was an hour longer and based on what I can count as events I should have had more instances of the throttle peddle being locked out if the was battery / alternator / charging system. Car is due for a service in less than 800 miles, it is on 77900. The alternator has always had a slight whine, well over 3 years now. Intake manifold elbow replaced 1k miles ago. Enginer performace is perfect except for this "issue" and fuel economy is the same. I clearly have a gremlin and I'm down to: 1. EGR sensor is on it's way out, it's still a monifold replacement - costly. 2. Alternator is on its way out - will have to be replaced at some point. 3. Battery giving up - another item that will eventually need to be replaced. 4. Wiring issue. 5. Charging system not happy. Has anybody had a P0489 and a P0622 logged one after the other, I have no idea how I'm going to isolate things and everything I have researched has not come up with a firm solution. I'm keen to find out how the 2 fault codes are related. Any ideas? Adam
  4. Whirring Noise At High Speeds

    Had mine sorted yesterday, front right wheel bearing was on its way out.
  5. Whirring Noise At High Speeds

    Hello jeebowhite, Did you ever find the cause of your noise? My focus sounds like it's doing the same thing. I get an odd noise over 30MPH and it's more pronounced when the steering is turned towards the left left. I'm thinking its coming from the drive shaft, if I coast in neutral and steer left the noise is not so bad. Doubt it's the gearbox, there is no vibration on the steering or gear level. Road noise tends to cancel most noise out over 60MPH. Thanks, Adam.
  6. Engine Treatment At Ford

    I had this done on my diesel and an engine flush, did not notice or feel anything so I won't do it again. Firm believer in a good quality oil and decent fuel.
  7. 1.8Tdci Duratorq 58 Reg Flat Spots N Smoke

    I agree with Shrek81, turbo lag! Just make sure you're above 1800 rpm if you want to put your foot down after slowing down. Under normal driving you should only notice the smoke at night when another car has its lights behind you, your rear view mirror has tinted and you have stepped on the peddle. If you're under the boost level and you've stepped on the peddle it will smoke until the the turbo catches up with your right foot and in most cases the turbulence behind the car would have cleared the smoke during daylight. It's one give away when a diesel in front of you has stepped on the peddle and there is no boost!
  8. Ford Focus Doing My Head In - Please Help!?!?!

    I'd get the gearbox oil changed.
  9. New Key - 08 Focus

    I used Auto Keys, 10 mins, very pleased with the service and he came out to me. http://www.ford-car-keys.com/contact-us.html
  10. 4450781 is for the C-Max, 1425141 is for the Focus. Bit the bullet and paid £47 quid for one, pretty much the going price for them. The whole unit brand new is around £160. Will be very careful with the mirrors now!
  11. Hello, Does anybody know the difference between these 2 part numbers, 1425141 and the 4450781 for the left hand side door mirror indicator lens? I have been told I need the 1425141 which is twice the price of the 4450781. I nearly choked when I was given the price £47, glad I didn't break the whole wing mirror! Thanks.
  12. 3 Year / 37.5K Service

    Perry's do their own Annual service which is less than the standard Ford service. The are a few other check items on the Ford Service schedule which I like and I've always got good service from my local Perry's. They offer a 15% off voucher for the ford service online. My local Ford dealer is normally cheaper especially on parts but Perry's have price matched or beaten. You can get an instant quite through the Shell servicing network http://carservicing.shell.co.uk/. Depends on which main dealers are part of the program! No harm in shopping around!
  13. Bp Ultimate Diesel Vs Shell V Power Diesel

    Shell V-Power Diesel is the best fuel I have run so far. No economy increase so on price alone I run the Shell Fuel Save. BP Diesel - Engine is silky smooth and quiet, throttle response is just not there. BP Ultimate Diesel - As above, no noticeable difference felt, won't run it again. Shell Fuel Save Diesel - Hands down my number one choice due to price, throttle response is noticeable, engine little less silky and smooth as BP fuels. Shell V-Power - The grin is huge, slight throttle response increase over Fuel Save, when I'm doing long runs I will fill up with it. Engine and my foot love this stuff! Supermarket - All I hear is injector noise, if I have to use I will put enough to get me from A to B!
  14. Any turbo diesel should be idled for at least a couple of minutes when started. I get a smoke haze now and again when I first start especially if I crank it before the glow plug light has gone out by mistake. It is mostly white smoke with a hint of blue in it, nothing to worry about. It will be lumpy if driven cold, I get this more with super market fuel and when it's close to a service. Even on a hot day when I first run mine its lumpy, i just ease the throttle until the engine is at operating temp. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/26241-18tdci-lumpy-when-cold/ I heat the glow plugs twice when it's really cold. Every engine uses a bit oil between services, the consumption rate is in most service manuals usually given per 1000 miles and that is why you should always check your oil level!
  15. The 1.8TDCI is a great choice, I hate the clutch on them but it's only a pain in stop go traffic. You'll stall it a few times until you get used to it! On mine the clutch peddle was getting hard, after the brake fluid was changed (every 2 years) it was soft again. GHIA is the best option, cruise control is a great option, rear electric windows and seeing as we are getting a lot more cold weather the heated front windscreen is a must have too, it's not standard on the Zetecs so if you do get a Zetec find one with a heated front windscreen. Has to be serviced on time, as said before they are a great car. I will be sad to move to a 1.6TDCI when I eventually have to change mine but seeing as it has no DPF I plan on running it for a long as possible.