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  1. Number Plate Lights Change Guide

    what is the preferred bulbs to replace those with ????
  2. Changes To The Fez!

    thanks chris ill have a look thanks
  3. Changes To The Fez!

    first off all wow nicely done ,but now off topic where would I be able to get the original Zentec S badges , im in South Africa but wont mind to ship it
  4. Voice Commands

    Thanks all for your comments they are much appreciated, the only reason i asked this question is because i was queries about all the commands listed i later on saw a few videos on youtube of ppl playing around with the voice commands but thanks as soon as i get the car ill get out the list in the user handbook. another question is , do you guys know of any issues with the voice commands , and where is the mic in the car that detects your voice commands
  5. Voice Commands

    Hi all , with the voice command feature in the new fiesta its a awesome feature but what commands can you use , is there a list of commands in the owners manual ? I'm in the proses of buying one so would like to know what the commands are? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  6. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    Awesome car really nicely done , just wanted to know are those standard lights ?
  7. 1.6 Titanium 3Dr Vs 1.6 Ambiente

    Thanks Mick88 , Well im going to the dealer tomorrow will see what happens , maybe i can afford the Titanium, but i really wish i could get the S1600 in SA that would be awesome , thanks for the heads up :)
  8. 1.6 Titanium 3dr vs 1.6 Ambiente

  9. Hi all, I'm in the proses to buy my first fiesta and I'm looking at the both the 1.6 Titanium 3dr and the 1.6 Ambiente in 2009 models and in RSA there is a R20 000 difference between these two that's about 1800 pound and about 3000 us dollar difference , I've looked at the stats and im not sure is it really worth paying a bit more for the Titanium Please any comments welcome Thanks in advance :)