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    focus mk1 1.6 zetec-s
  1. Steering Rack

    tried to split the day but aint budging hink am gonna somehow try and get to a garage to get its fixed to cold and always snowing when i go to do it
  2. Steering Rack

    sweet wont cost much to fix after all do u think will just be that as one wheel straight but other is not hope so r these easy to get out
  3. Steering Rack

    i had wee accident in the snow other nite slid into a kerb at low spped but twisted wishbone and the long bar bit after the ball joint got bent am just wondering if the bar bit is able to get replaced without changing the whole lot ive showed a pic of a bit am meaning which is bent on my car bent rack.bmp
  4. just wondering if any1 has pics of there focus with nice alloys was thinking maybe puting cossie wheels or puma ones or what do u guys recomend
  5. just recently got mysel a v reg focus ghia 1.6 zetec-s has a big exhaust but u would not think it as hardly any noise comes from it dunno why anyway i was thinking of geting a induction kit cine filter but they meant to use a lot of fuel so was thinking geting a panel filter instead but not sure if they use fuel aswell also do they still give the noise sound a cone does
  6. Have A Made A Mistake

    ive had it check buy my brother and it turns out its the thremostat no obvious signs of head gasket no bulges in pipes or gunk in oil and he felt the pipes one was hot like it should be and other was just cool so sign than thermostat is knackered thank god for that runs like a dream now
  7. just saped my passat estate tdi today for a v reg focus ghia with a 1.6 zetec-s engine only to give it a good blast and the temp gauge shot to red but then after ten mins went to half again got home and noticed that there was no water in expansion bottle i suddly thot oh no head gasket on way out or bottle is leaking what do u guys think