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  1. Newbie In Devon

    Welcome mate. Got any pics of it?? If its the same as mine its a Mk6.5, if its the same shape with different lights its a Mk6. Mk5's are a completely different shape altogether and stopped production in 01
  2. Im A Newbie

    Got any pics??
  3. Hi - New In Surrey

    Im not 100% sure but my mate who has a cossie said some german company make on but cant remeber what they are called now. I cant remember, I would rather just stick in a 2.0L Turbo lump for that sort of money tho but it will probably never happen. Im sure it doesnt look too bad on a silver car but coz mine the 30th edition one the spoiler, bumpstrips, mirror cover, door handles were all gloss black then plastics grey look sheit so had to get it done really. And didnt cost an arm n a leg so was worth doing in my eyes.
  4. Hi - New In Surrey

    Its not too bad but the Centre Valance is still grey whereas all the other trim bits are Black and Red. Im getting it made into a replica diffuser (like a MK2 RS one) over christmas.
  5. Hi - New In Surrey

    Well the pics above are how it stands atm and the pics below are how it was when i got it...
  6. Hi - New In Surrey

    The list will take up pages. Ive got millions of plans but what actually happens from the will be a fraction. Heres a copy of my plans and stuff from my project thread on another forum. Mod's Done *Tax Disc Holder *Pedo Bear *DMB Badges *Colour Coded Grills (Nearly Finished) *De-Wipered *Red Interior Light *AP Coilovers *Longlife Cat-Back *K&N Panel Filter *Sprayed Headlights *Hornet Cat 1 Alarm *Wind Deflectors To Be Done *Miltek Full De-Cat + Mani *Remap *Borbet A's or Schmidt Modern Lines (Sprayed Balck and Red) *T-amostyles Rear Valance (4 Fin??) *Good Induction Kit *Rear Disc Conversion *Bigger Brakes *Few Engine Mods (Havent looked into any yet but something along the lines of cams, bodies ect.) *Rear Strut (On The Way) *Boot Build (Nothing Too Over The Top Tho) Then depending on how quickly i have done all of this maybe the following; *Slightly Euro It (Smooth out fogs and rear reflectors, Number plate recess Front and Back) Then the BIG hopeful changes; *Supercharger kit Believe one is out there on the market that takes it to around 280BHP and Just shy of 300lbft Torque. Or.... *Drop a 2.0 Turbo in there (has this been done or isit possible??)
  7. Hi All, Thought id just introduce myself quickly. Im 18 from Caterham, Surrey. Drive a Fiesta Zetec S 30th Edition ZS Red Few pics of my car; The back looks sh*t ATM. Im waiting until i go on holiday for that to get sorted. C&C Welcome. Thanks Olly