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    Mk4 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 16v
  1. Will 17" Alloys Fit My MK4 FIesta Without Rubbing????

    Yer 15's wud still look good like cos its a small car
  2. Respray.... How much am i looking at ?

    Oh i thought ye ment just for scratches an that a full respray wud cost around 1000 most probly id just t-cut it an c how it looks if its really bad get a respray if u can afford it.
  3. HappY Birthday

    Happy Bday mate
  4. Newbie

    Ive posted abit about myself in the introduction section mate an thanks for the welcome :) Im ok thanks
  5. Ive only had my fiesta a couple of weeks an i love it :D i had a 1995 fiat punto before that which i cudnt wait to get rid of!!
  6. Films

    The new fast and furious is out next summer and it has the original cast!! :D its a while off like but it looks good, i loved the first 1. The shawshank redemption is a great film if u havnt seen it you must!
  7. Khan

    Haha it was great wasnt it, i wonder if he'll be as cocky now!?
  8. Whats the favourite sport on the forum??

    Football is my favourite sport, I also love UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) If i was too take part in any sport it would be boxin cos im crap at footy! haha although i do like a good kick around, I done boxin for 3 years as a youngster an loved it I only watch the big fights tho really, Im also a red, Liverpool FC is my religion an heart racing games indeed!!
  9. Introductions .....

    Hey am Frankie am 20 from Liverpool, I drive a 99 fiesta zetec I bought it a few weeks ago, havnt done any mods yet, guna do a few small mods to make it look tha extra bit better but nothing major, ere's a pic..
  10. Newbie

    Hey im new, how is everyone?? :D
  11. Will 17" Alloys Fit My MK4 FIesta Without Rubbing????

    16 inch shoudnt rub if you get the right tyres, the mondeo gti alloys look good on the mk4's check them out.
  12. Ford Meets

    This is true, if you want a faster car save up an get a zetec-s ;)
  13. Respray.... How much am i looking at ?

    It depends on the place really, probly around 300 quid.
  14. induction kit

    They do use more fuel and don't do much if anything for performance they just sound good. If i was you id get a replacement panel filter a k & n one they're soundless but will give you better throttle response and may give you a couple more ponies ;)