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  1. Happy Birthday the swan!

  2. hi, ive had quite a nasty bump on my nearside wing and needing to replace it, is there any sort of guide or anybody know how to remove the panel and replace it with a new one?
  3. for starters, them stickers are extremely tacky, unless its a track car then cars should never have these, the springs are too expensive for a lowesy 30mm, can i just ask why the badges are black and red when u have the frozen white car? i have the frozen white, the gel over lays look much better when there colour coded to the car, i have the white and black and they don't look out of place, also the steering wheel badge is not stuck on in the right place, you can see the original underneath, i still cant understand why people are fitting the push start button? pointless if you ask me, especially in the gear stick, ''i hate speedbumps'' (you may aswell have 'children on board') the rest of the mods are decent, simple and small mods look best for a reasonable price
  4. 12V Adapter Blown

    its the fuses under the glove bos, its a 20 amp, think there yellow, theres only like 3 or 4 20 amps, just take them out and see which has blown :)
  5. Fascia Colour!!

    yeah the gear knob looks a bit out of place now, still shopping around for the right one really as for the speedo and rev counter, just needed to reset them as they moved when i took the surrounds out lol
  6. Fascia Colour!!

    yeah lookin at the white gel overlays an pedals aswell, air fresheners are just the tip of the iceburg ;) ha!
  7. Fascia Colour!!

    fascia and dial surrounds all sprayed white still to come: white gear knob white gaitor k&n induction kit tinted windows white alloys black and white bucket seats rear diffuser sprayed white front grill white rear spoiler shall post pics up soon as these mods are done any other ideas i may have missed?? any comments welcome :)
  8. any ideas for the 'secret' hole? been looking at sat navs, not come across one that folds out into a screen yet, small enough for the hole, looking to maybe make a custom size fitting which slides in and out of the hole? any ideas? all comments welcome .....
  9. Fascia Colour!!

    ok back to the fascia etc, any ideas on the dial surrounds? think they would look good in white aswell as the radio surrounds? and any ideas of how to remove these? getting everything sprayed in the next few days, will post pics up soon as
  10. Fascia Colour!!

    what about the rest of the fascia going further down over the heating controls etc??
  11. Fascia Colour!!

    OK I have my Fiesta, 10 plate, brand new, sparkling white, problem is, the fascia inside for the head unit and surrounds for the heaters etc. is boring silver, any ideas of how to get the fascia off without damaging the face? I will be getting the fascia sprayed professionally bright white, I shall post pics soon as I have it done in the next few weeks any ideas for the removal???
  12. looking to upgrade my 10 plate 3 door fiesta and install 2 more speakers in the rear, any guides or pictures to get the panels off? also the sizes of the speakers needed? and is it true that the wires are already there?
  13. Blank Panel ????

    i have recently found a compartment which did not want to be found, its on hinges like it was a feature that went wrong on its build so ford must have scrapped the idea, could have been an ash tray maybe at design stages??? well i have carefully opened this 'secret' compartment, and i found that there is a clip in the middle at the top, but now will not shut properly, any ideas?